If your ad goes unnoticed, nothing else matters.
William Bernbach


If you need a new target audience.
Everything that firms need for effective outdoor advertising: from design development to manu-facturing on new equipment with quality control.


Interior design of any complexity.
The widest audience can be quickly attracted with voluminous light signs. Replace them with facade advertisements or billboards.


Outdoor advertising promotion.
Activate your audience with custom advertising by creating with us entrance groups with bright billboards and lightboxes.


Inexpensive, bright and effective.

If you need inexpensive but effective outdoor advertising, bet on banners. It is inexpensive and spectacular.


Interior design of any complexity.
Interior design of offices, bank premises, exhibitions and events. This is a way to attract an audience.


Facade decoration with light threads.

Pay attention to the event by means of outdoor and indoor advertising with high-quality design and implementation.


If you need digital advertising.
Engage your audience with custom designs. Outdoor advertising can be large format video.


Outdoor advertising as lighting.
Outdoor advertising can be more effective at night if we design the facades, creating effective dynamic lighting.


Production and installation of advertising.

Pay attention to the event by means of outdoor and indoor advertising with high-quality design and implementation.

Signage examples

Who are we?

Manufacturing with experience in serving the largest
advertisers and agencies.

We make suitable outdoor advertising

Information on outdoor advertising media is always well remembered and visible from afar. The production of light structures allows you to distribute advertising materials in a 24/7 format, using for these purposes the design of the facade. Interestingly designed outdoor advertising is clearly visible from city transport and covers the widest audience of potential consumers, making it possible to abandon the distribution of traditional advertising.

Advertising agency «Elite» has been operating in the outdoor advertising market of the city of Kiev since 2003 and has more than 15 years of experience in implementing large-scale and network projects, including the manufacture and installation of structures.

What are we doing?

From idea to implementation

Design development

Engage outdoor advertising design professionals with experience working with major advertisers. We know how to grab the attention of the target audience and provide the client with marketing support.

We attract the widest audience

Non-standard advertising designs

To provide the advertiser with the widest audience not only from among the people passing by, but also by passengers of public transport, you need to rely on non-standard designs.

Search for an advertising strategy

Marketing support

Large-format outdoor advertising is quite expensive, so the client needs to offer effective promotion schemes in conjunction with affordable sign production, with an emphasis on engineering research and calculations.

Firmware control

Automation and digitalization of outdoor structures

The production of signage cannot but develop. We offer to decorate building facades with constructions with programmable and Android-controlled lighting and quickly conquer the market.

Interior Design

Interior advertising

Decorating an office space with advertising structures is considered business and entertainment etiquette. Your company will be able to take a comprehensive approach to the issue.


Bernbach's philosophy

Advertising is an art

Each company chooses its own promotion strategy. Our agency’s advertising campaign is based on the approach that made the VW Beetle the best-selling car in history in the past. 

We are talking about the philosophy of William Bernbach and its application to the design of facades or for advertising in transport. Our blog is devoted to the history of advertising, where you can learn useful things for yourself.



From facade lighting to direct advertising

Custom neon signs

Neon facade light allows you to create impressive outdoor advertising. Depending on the format of installation when creating neon billboards on the street or in interior advertising to the design of the facades is supplemented by «soft promo».

Front neon budget proposal

Neon signs by sketches

Large-format neon walls on facades can be used to promote a brand in advertising campaigns. But it is more profitable for the advertiser who pays attention to the efficiency of investments and the duration of the operation of outdoor structures.

Standard signage

Ready signs

Buying signs from us according to ready-made sketches and templates, cafes, shops can use proven advertising designs to attract passers-by. Neon signs «tea-coffee», «open-closed» and other products are available for sale.


Personal protection of employees

Separating screens on the table

Separating transparent displays can be used as advertising media. In order for the screen to become an advertising structure, it is enough to attach the holders in which the advertisement is placed.

Safe open space

Screens-walls for workplaces

For advertising campaigns, you can also use interior advertising on dividing displays for workplaces, effectively presenting information to office visitors.

Public area security

Transparent partitions for cafes

Transparent walls on the street or in cafes can be a way to spread advertising during a pandemic. They can play the role of billboards or become a designer interior advertising cafe or restaurant.


Promo for trade

Promotional tables

The most popular among mobile stands for presentation at points of sale are exhibition promotional stands. They combine the advantages of advertising stands and reception desk and are very popular among the range of advertising equipment.

Promo for presentations

Banner stands

Among small mobile forms, pop-up banner stands stand out, often used to decorate exhibition spaces, offices and points of sale. They are also installed as promotional posters during promotions.

Promo for events

Exhibition equipment

Various mobile exhibition equipment and advertising structures are presented, on the canvases of which advertising images are placed. You can order a large mobile stand for an exhibition or choose from advertising stands.


Signage on mobile

Dynamic light on Android

Control the lighting of advertising structures from your mobile or use digital outdoor advertising for advertising campaigns. You can order the production of lighting elements and the development of the design of the sign with “playing” backlighting.

Exterior decoration

Glowing growth figures

For advertising purposes, attract customers by different means. For the installation of outdoor advertising, we offer exterior decoration with LED figures. They are clearly visible even from public transport. It is an effective addition to facade structures.

Advertising & Lighting

Architectural lighting

For the distribution of outdoor advertising, you can use all available means, first of all, the design of the facade. Thanks to the thoughtful development of the design, illuminated signs can be used as outdoor advertising and illumination of the exterior and landscape.