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Advertising agency «Elite» offers a non-standard integrated approach to the production of outdoor advertising and has consistently good reviews.

Our team is ready to offer the production of interesting advertising structures, facade design and interior advertising in combination with marketing support. We look forward to your feedback.

What services do you usually get from an advertising agency? Design, production and installation of outdoor advertising. Everyone is guided by the budget and the cost of the ad design you can afford.

AA «Elite» always starts from a productive idea that will promote your products and services. Regardless of the budget, you will receive an advertising sign that captures the eyes of passers-by, and an interior design that will be viewed with interest by all visitors.

Advertising agency «Elite» is always only the advanced ideas of advertising promotion with the help of volumetric and flat facade advertising structures. The best materials and know-how. Want to make digital walls or controlled lighting with a sign from your mobile phone? Are the dynamic lighting of the lightbox appealing to you? Do you need a custom mega-sign, three-dimensional letters on the roof or a digital wall? Our engineers will tackle your toughest challenge and always get great feedback.

Start working with us to understand what a quality advertising service is. And you will tell your friends about us, as about your outdoor advertising agency, with which you work on an ongoing basis!



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The difference between our company is not only the low cost of outdoor advertising production, but also consulting clients on promoting their products and services using visual forms.

Outdoor advertising on a variety of visual media can reduce the total cost of advertising campaigns. Usually, agencies offer certain positions – signs with and without illumination, lightboxes, pasting window displays, interwindow light boxes and other products. In terms of efficiency, this approach does not always guarantee good customer reviews.

The cost of placement and production of advertising structures costs quite large sums, but they, with a well-thought-out design, help attract buyers at the points of sale. In many cases, this is more effective than alternative distribution of advertising on TV, using printing and urban transport.

When clients turn to AA «Elite», the task of specialists is to design the facade and interior advertising, which by their appearance arouse keen interest of potential clients and buyers. This is achieved through various advertising materials, forms and designs, including informational ones about the customer’s services.

As a result, the production of outdoor advertising for each client of AA «Elite» has an individual character and is aimed at finding unique factors for promoting products at the points of sale. Close collaboration often develops into true friendship and constant creative service.

Our agency is developing and developing a new direction – digital outdoor advertising. We suggest using digital walls in interiors and facades. Such signs can become an effective source of interesting information for consumers.

With digital outdoor advertising, the client can independently place any video materials, reducing the cost of rotating commercials on TV. This is especially interesting for the chains of shops and cafes, represented in different districts of Kiev and regions of Ukraine. The design of the facade from AA «Elite» can become an effective advertising medium for video advertising in excellent reviews of our work.


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