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Advertising steles in outdoor advertising

Instead of a sign – advertising steles in outdoor advertising

When your company, shop or production is located in the suburbs, or you need to ensure the visibility of the sign from the road, advertising steles are used in outdoor advertising. They solve all presentation tasks and attract visitors like a road sign. In the manufacture of steles, you can use absolutely all popular advertising techniques and technologies for making signs.

Why are advertising steles in outdoor advertising popular?

What is a good stele? It is somewhat reminiscent of a sculpture and can be of almost any size, as it is, roughly speaking, a pillar with information. The only restriction on the installation of such an advertising structure will, of course, be the observance of construction technology, which will help this outdoor advertisement to please passers-by with its appearance for a long time, without creating the risk of collapse.

If you have additional funds for outdoor advertising, and you want to improve the memorability of your store, establishment, hotel or business, then simply install the stele in the place of maximum traffic and passers-by. This is a new and almost unused type of advertising structure in our country, but very popular abroad. If you are limited by the high cost of the product, make the stele smaller. It will still be an effective advertising tool.

A bit of history

The mention of the installation of steles refers to the ancient world and is available in the Bible. At that time, the stele, as they say, was installed for centuries. It was a vertical slab carved from stone, marble or granite. There were also wooden steles, they marked the entrances to settlements, forks, inns where travelers could stay.

Commemorative steles were often placed on graves. And, as a rule, all such constructions contained a message to posterity.

Advertising steles and their features

Usually advertising steles in outdoor advertising are installed in an open area, and even in the event of a collapse they will not harm others. But in China, Malaysia and Singapore, steles can be found in the densely populated city center. Usually they act as a sign or sign. In this case, it is necessary to take care not only of maintaining the cost of the structure, but also of its safety for the citizens.

After high-quality manufacturing and installation of an advertising structure, the second place in importance is the connection to electricity. However, if it is not possible to conduct and connect the power supply, you can use solar cells or fluorescent paint that will glow throughout the active evening. This option is suitable for those people who want to install an unattended vertical sign.

What should be considered when making a stele?

In addition to engineering calculations, you need to think carefully about the materials used in the manufacture. The use of different types of films is not always justified. Steles are often made of aluminum with subsequent painting of parts. Or, for these purposes, facade panels are used, under which the design of the stele is selected. The logo and inscriptions in such outdoor advertising, as a rule, are cut into the panel with a router and illuminated by LEDs. Advertising steles in outdoor advertising are only gaining popularity, we recommend that you do not delay the installation.

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