Why do you need to make advertising signs? Advertising, first of all, is an effective way to attract a potential consumer. The more interesting and accessible it is possible to convey information to him (about the location of the company, the field of activity, discounts, etc.), the more likely it is to get a loyal client in the future.

Why do we need advertising signs?

Do not underestimate advertising: its “power” is to establish a relationship between the seller of goods or services, and the consumer. There are other ways to attract customers, but it is advertising that prevails over the rest: for large companies that have already established themselves in the market and, moreover, for startups, about which the general consumer does not know anything.

If you invite a person to contact any of the two companies, one of which he already knows from advertising, and about the other – he has not heard anything, then, in most cases, he will choose the first option.

Signs and signs are an effective advertising medium. You can place them in suitable places – for example, on the walls of houses. However, such a design will be subject to constant influences from the external environment, and its bright and neat appearance is an important factor for product promotion.

You need to order signs from a company that specializes in their production. High-quality advertising is the first statement about your product that acts as a reliable means of engaging your audience.

Making a high-quality sign is a time consuming process that includes:

  • use of quality materials.
  • creation of an unusual, attractive design, the concept of which is a “reflection” of the advertised product or service.
  • correct presentation of product information.

To implement the conceived concept, the help of a professional team is needed, and the outdoor advertising agency “Elite” is a reliable partner who will help to establish a connection with the consumer.

We all remember the wonderful phrase: “Even the worst advertisement works”. But why risk it when you can immediately achieve excellent results!

What signs are used for indoor and outdoor advertising?

We offer:

  • shop signs (backlit);
  • volumetric letters;
  • lightboxes;
  • citylights;
  • neon signs;
  • window dressing;
  • pillars;
  • advertising posters.

Illuminated signboards help to solve several important tasks at once:

  • Attract the attention of potential customers.
  • They act as the “creator” of the company’s image.
  • They are a bright accent in interior and building design.
  • In some cases, they perform the function of an information and navigation indicator.

Light boxes – light boxes are a common and economical option for outdoor advertising.

Lightboxes work 24/7 and their effectiveness is undeniable.

The price for this type of advertising depends on several factors:

  • material;
  • the size of the sign;
  • additional wishes of the customer.

Manufacturing of lightboxes in Kiev can be both one-sided and two-sided. The specialists of the Elite agency will develop a unique design layout that will not go unnoticed.

The main advantage of lightboxes is the ability to use backlighting at night. However, flat signs can be used without backlighting: they are popular because they are an inexpensive alternative to “glowing” advertising. Plastics, wood, metal and other materials can be used to make flat signs. The structure consists of a metal frame and a surface sheet – a self-adhesive film is placed on it.

Production of illuminated signs will allow advertising to work around the clock for the benefit of your company. Signs can be either one-sided or double-sided. The main emphasis should be placed on an interesting design that will attract attention.

p1010408Volumetric letters –  are one of the most popular types of advertising and an effective tool for attracting the attention of a potential consumer.

With the help of volumetric letters, signs are made out that perform two main functions at once:

  • act as a designation for the location of the location;
  • are ready-made advertisements.

Various types of backlights can be made, including colored, neon or dynamic.

An effective form of advertising is combined light signs, which are a combination of several types of signs. For example – volumetric letters with lightboxes or flat signs.

This design has many advantages:

  • draws attention to itself;
  • allows you to realize all the wishes of the customer;
  • looks individual and creative;
  • has the ability to adapt to any budget.

How to order effective outdoor advertising?

Outdoor advertising agency “Elite” uses a non-standard integrated approach that will help to achieve the main goals of the customer: to create a good image of the company and be noticed.

Advertising agency “Elite” offers not only “turnkey” installation of signs in Kiev, but also something more – an idea that will become an effective tool for promoting your products. Many advertising companies start from the project budget, but our task is the result. Regardless of the budget, you will receive an advertising sign that will attract the glances of passers-by and be remembered.

Specialists of the outdoor advertising agency “Elite” will take on the implementation of a project of any complexity with great pleasure. We are ready to generate creative ideas to promote your business!