Архітектурна вивіска: нові тенденції у дизайні

Architectural sign: new trends in design

Architectural or facade-sized sign

In the foreign practice of outdoor advertising there is such a thing as an architectural sign. We are talking about special types of advertising structures integrated into the architectural design of a building or structure. These are by default mega- or super-large signs. They include decorative elements that are an integral part of the architecture of the building.

We have selected an interesting set of photos showing an architectural sign in all its glory. This outdoor advertising solution will cost a lot, but fully justifies the investment due to the excellent brand recall. Typically, such signs are installed at the stage of a major overhaul of the facade, they are very often combined with the technology of signs on a ventilated facade. It turns out stylish and original.

Who are architectural signage suitable for?

First of all, this solution is designed for large offices and organizations with their own production or office space. An architectural sign is developed at the stage of creating a 3D layout of the facade renovation. However, there are also cheaper options. For example, the finishing of the entrance group with the installation of elements of a ventilated facade and a sign in combination with this type of finishing.

An architectural sign can be installed at a university, theater, museum, shopping center, production or office building. This solution is also applicable for small forms, for example, for shops, when the sign occupies the entire accessible plane of the facade. Such a decision, first of all, is well remembered by passers-by, as they pay attention to the non-standard facade.

What materials are used for architectural signage?

Since we are talking about large outdoor advertising structures, signs are made from standard raw materials using hinged panels, other facade structures, paints and varnishes and finishing materials. It is allowed to use metal and apply a sign to the facade using concrete and plaster. Illumination in this case is performed as for architectural objects.

You can look at the options and decide how this outdoor advertising option and type of architectural sign is suitable for your business. Happy viewing.

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