Делаем красивые украинские вывески - обновление русских вывесок

Are signboards in Ukrainian mandatory?

Criticizing signboards in Ukrainian – is it so bad?!

Not a single person after the start of Russian aggression will say that signs in Ukrainian infringe on the rights of the Russian-speaking population. Ukrainians who are native speakers of Russian have become zealous champions of the Ukrainian language. If not all, then most. Therefore, signs in Ukrainian are the norm. The owners of shops and entertainment establishments faced the issue of designing such outdoor advertising, as well as repairing and replacing Russian letters with Ukrainian ones. This can be done by carrying out the usual repair of the sign.
In our opinion, signs in Ukrainian for children’s stores look especially good, the topic of which we discuss in detail in this article.

bright signs in Ukrainian cheap

Ukrainizing Russian signs

“Translation” of Russian signs into Ukrainian belongs to the category of sign repair works. Our outdoor advertising agency “Elite” (Kyiv) is engaged in adapting the designs of existing Russian signs and replacing Russian letters with Ukrainian ones. Often this can be done by replacing a couple of letters, but this is not always so lucky. In other cases, a complete reinstallation of outdoor advertising is required.

Some signs in Ukrainian require an almost complete rework. In this case, we try to use the existing material to make it cheaper for the customer to renew the sign. Along with the repair and replacement of signs, we offer updates. For example, dynamic light, interesting lighting and other solutions.
Which sign is the most effective for a bakery, cafe or shop

When it comes to the effectiveness of signage, of course, two factors are taken into account:

  • interest of the buyer on the basis of personal interests;
  • attractiveness and catchiness of advertising.

Let’s pay attention to the theory and practice of advertising. What makes signs so that they uniquely attract visitors? Car dealership owners will say that the sign should be large and visible from afar. Cafe owners will note that the neon signs “open-closed” and “tea-coffee” work especially well. Both outside and inside the establishment. In other cases, signs are an element of the architecture of the building and are very memorable for this reason. Such objects become local landmarks and signs. This is facilitated by elements of outdoor advertising. Some owners will note that banner signs work great.

What makes a sign in demand for the personal interests of a passerby?

Let’s take a perfume shop as an example. Probably, you will agree that a sign for a perfumery store should correspond to the concept of atmosphere. The name font does not have to be handwritten or calligraphy – it will not be read from a distance, and when making three-dimensional letters, it will significantly complicate production and increase the cost. But type design cannot be heavy and massive.

Идея тротуарной вывески для кофейни

A cheap sign for a perfume shop can be made as outdoor neon advertising. Analogies with large brands can be drawn by paying attention to the facade or shop windows. You can increase the motivation of customers by placing boxes with gifts and beautiful festive lighting in the visible area of ​​the showcase. This will work well for associations of men who want to give a gift to a woman, or for women who would like to receive such a gift.

What makes a sign attractive and catchy?

These characteristics depend largely on the category of outlet, which requires a signboard with or without illumination. If this is a supermarket, then it should be volumetric letters that are clearly visible from afar or a roof structure.

If this is a children’s cafe or store, then street signs work well, blocking the road or forcing passers-by to pay attention to themselves. This category includes light boxes, pavement signs, city lights, steles, various mobile advertizing structures, as well as photo zones. In extreme cases, even attractive window stickers will do.

Parents often walk with their children and try to entertain them, so they spend money, even going beyond the family’s planned budget.

Photozones for children from cardboard in Kyiv

Make an inscription on the photo zone that parents with a photo near the store are given a small confectionery prize. Inside the cafe, make a board for these photos, work on a family menu and entertainment for children who come with their parents. And mothers from nearby houses will come to you even just for coffee, and this is also a significant income.

Do outdoor advertising thoughtfully… or contact us for help.

Your outdoor advertising agency “Elite”, Kyiv

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