Banner signs for all occasions

Banner signs: when a small budget does not damage the appearance

If you have a small outdoor advertising budget, opt for a banner sign. It is suitable for all areas of activity and perfectly attracts buyers with minimal costs. Banner signs are also often installed as signposts. Moreover, the customer is practically not limited by the budget if a large product is required. It’s affordable and works well to attract clientele.

Баннерная вывеска
Banner sign does its job perfectly

Banner signs for shops in the shopping center

Banner advertising structures can be pulled anywhere. They can cover glass surfaces or literally serve as blackout fencing in trade fair grounds, offices or shopping malls. Using banner fabric, customers are not limited to form factors of standard advertising solutions. You can print any image on the banner and decorate any space with it.

Banner planes for construction organizations

Are you building a building, but don’t want to spoil the appearance of the quarter? This is easily accomplished with banner planes. Install the frame or fix the banner directly on the building during construction work, while maintaining the aesthetic appearance of the surrounding space.

A large banner will simultaneously serve as an advertisement for the company’s activities. It can be used to offer commercial premises, apartments or construction services. At the end of its service life, banner fabric is used for waterproofing foundations.

Banner sign for barbershop, salon, cafe or farm store

Outdoor advertising in any form factor is quite expensive and requires an expensive investment. However, the issue of outdoor advertising for a hairdresser, salon, cafe or small store can be effectively solved with a banner sign. It is inexpensive and attracts passers-by well.

How to make a beautiful banner sign?

For the development of the design and layout of your future outdoor advertising, you can contact our specialists. Meanwhile, it does not hurt to decide on preferences before that.

The marketers of the Elite outdoor advertising agency have prepared a list of successful solutions:

  • the banner sign should be made to match or against a contrasting background in relation to the facade;
  • its function should be image or informational. On the banner, you can put any bright graphics with a name and slogan, or information about your services;
  • the text should be visible from the following distance: description of services – from 3 meters, subheadings – from 10 meters, name – from 20 meters or more.

It is desirable that the design of the banner sign is combined with the interior or facade of the building.


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