Красиві вивіски для магазину ар-нуво

Beautiful signs for shop and salon art nouveau

Beautiful signs for a clothing store or art nouveau salon

Often our clients turn to our designers with the question of how to make beautiful signs for shop or salon. This question does not always find a satisfactory answer due to different tastes and ideas about the beauty and functionality of a sign. For this reason, we publish various options in the solution space.

The outdoor advertising agency «Elite» can carry out outdoor advertising according to an example or prototype, or develop a unique solution. But in both cases there are sources of inspiration. They can be the sketches of the legendary artists of the early XX, who worked in the Art Nouveau style.

What is Art Nouveau?

This is an early modern style based on vegetal stylization. The art direction was very popular in advertising. Many advertising posters of that time were drawn in the Art Nouveau style. They became masterpieces of art and are known to most contemporaries. First of all, these are Alphonse Mucha’s The Four Seasons, as well as a number of other works of art that appeared on advertisements for alcohol, salons, cafes and restaurants.

Now en-nouveau is also relevant due to its elegance and structure. The fact is that styling under this style looks good as window dressing and entrance. The result is memorable and beautiful signs for shops and salons. The graphic design speaks of a peculiar intimacy of style, that is, it is well suited for beauty salons, expensive clothing and lingerie boutiques. If you want to make a coffee shop or pastry shop in this style, you will quickly be remembered by residents of the residential areas adjacent to your establishment.

Features of using Art Nouveau style in outdoor advertising

Art Nouveau is good because all graphic objects have a peculiar and richly decorated frame. Also, a circle is considered a structural element of style, which makes the composition more concentrated in terms of artistic effect. In outdoor advertising, such forms are used:

  • firstly, they can be inscribed in objects of the correct form, that is, in a rectangle, square or circle;
  • secondly, there are open elements typical for stained glass technique.

This design looks good on large panoramic windows or large front doors. Style can find its development in the interior: in interior advertising, decor items or room design. Complement this style with a canopy with a canopy in the style of the time, and your salon, restaurant or shop will be known in all the surroundings. This is how a beautiful sign for a store or salon should work – it should be memorable. This works well when the design of the sign is based on archetypes.

If you want to learn more about the Art Nouveau style, read our publication Art Nouveau in Contemporary Outdoor Advertising. Do not forget that beautiful store signs in this style should be made in natural, restrained colors.

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