Bill Bernbach’s philosophy (in facade advertising)

Advertising management through the eyes of meters (not only for facade advertising)

In Ukraine, advertising as a service is rather trivial, since no advertising agency has managed to achieve widespread fame. But this is not the case in the Western world. There are also legendary names and campaigns that, in general, have created the global advertising market. It is in this environment that the Ukrainian sector of facade advertising is now operating. It is these examples that raise the bar for the work performed by the outdoor advertising agency “Elite”.

After the end of the war, America recovered from the military shock for a rather long time, but faster than the European countries. Therefore, the more active growth of the automotive industry, which only gained popularity at the beginning of the 20th century, began here after the war. European companies also rushed to the United States, in particular the well-known Volkswagen, which was subject to sanctions, in fact, due to Hitler’s direct patronage.

vw beetle5

vw beetle6

During this period, VW was a run-of-the-mill manufacturer just making their way to the American market. And he made his way with a new mini-model “Beetle” (Beetle), in the development of which the same Fuhrer took over, making changes to the rear of the body. At his request, it was made more rounded.

VW’s history will be of interest to those business owners who enter the market with a unique product of their own and are not sure whether the venture will be profitable. Outdoor advertising agency “Elite” applies Bernbach’s approaches in the production of facade advertising and can help you promote even second-rate products to the first positions. This is precisely the philosophy of Bernbach.

From a small agency to a large advertising business

Post-war advertising services in the United States were somewhat similar to conditions in Ukraine in the 1990s. Creative, active, but unknown specialists entered the market. In 1949, Maxwell Daye, Bill Bernbach and Ned Doyle opened an advertising agency DDB in New York. They also performed the tasks of the main specialists. Bernbach became creative director, Dane took over finance.

In 1959, they were invited to participate in the design of an advertising campaign for the Beetle. The car seemed uncompetitive. The consequences we all know is that the Beetle is still in production today and has become the best-selling car of our era. The advertising campaign, developed by Bernbach, took first place in the list of the best campaigns of our time according to ADAge.

vw beetle2

The slogan for Beetle is “Think small”. The semantic load was figuratively reflected in all types of posters. Despite looking ugly, the Beetle became the most popular car in the United States thanks to DDB.

In addition to the original promotional message, DDB made several commercials, including the humorous “Funeral” and “The Snowplow”. The Funeral ad takes place at the funeral of an American rich man who gave all his fortune to his relative on the Beetle because he was confident in the preservation of assets.

vw beetle2

The video about the snowplow began with snowy landscapes and the words: “Have you ever thought about how the driver of the snowplow gets to work?” The headlights of the car appear in the dark, the driver was getting to work in the “Beetle”.

vw beetle1

Another interesting example of a good advertising campaign was the promotion of Avis cars with the slogan “We try to be more diligent”. The small manufacturer was indeed inferior to the car company and its main competitor, Hertz. The recognition of the competitor’s leadership played into the hands of the less expensive manufacturer, which soon took second place after Hertz.

William Bernbach with each of his work proved that advertising must be unique in meaning and any product can find its buyer. His team came up with ideas that cause a cascade of cross-association that are not only impressive but also memorable. At the same time, they excellently promoted second-rate goods to the first positions of the rating.

vw beetle4

How it is applied in facade advertising

Our experience suggests that points of sale can only be promoted through well-designed facade advertising. Moreover, the corporate identity of the store can subsequently be used for other retail outlets. So the trade mark is gradually becoming a brand with its own corporate identity, well recognized by the consumer. One store – a network with its customers.

Spectacular entrance group (sign) for a shop, cafe, salon or service center

As you can imagine, an eye-catching backlit sign is better remembered than a logo on a business card or brochure. Compared to TV and Internet advertising, the coverage of facade advertising is, of course, less. But the advantage is that by promoting your brand and coming into direct contact with the consumer, you work as if tete-a-tete and can convince that the product is the best for him.

Стандартный пакет наружной рекламы для магазина
Outdoor advertising for a store

To make it easier for our customers to choose the type of sign with or without illumination, to determine the volumetric letters and elements, the advertising agency “Elite” invites you to take part in a permanent action. Participants receive a discount for a complex order of the entrance lobby for the store.

It includes:

  • backlit main sign (light box) or volumetric letters;
  • lightbox pass;
  • sidewalk citylight;
  • window dressing (pasting or advertising posters);
  • interwindow and window signs and lightboxes.

Growth figures for lawns, digital signs for interior and facade advertising are available as an additional offer.

How to make an effective facade advertisement?

Here are some rules for creating a working facade advertisement:

  • facade advertising should be in the field of view of the consumer in a 360-degree view;
  • signboards with or without illumination should be large, easy to read and look harmonious on the facade;
  • the color scheme should be clean and well-perceived (for example, black with yellow, white with yellow, green with crimson). It is better to make advertising elements large and viewable from a distance of 10-15 m;
  • posters in windows or interwindow light boxes should contain information about the promoted product or service in order to create a strong association of the corporate identity with the product;
  • if the information changes frequently, mobile elements can be additionally used for advertising at points of sale, for example, banners, pillars. Their design changes as needed.

Do not forget to familiarize yourself with such a concept as the design code of Kiev or your city.

Good luck in promoting and looking forward to your feedback,

your outdoor advertising agency “Elite”.

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