Bionic sign with LED lighting

Facade and sign with LED lighting in bionics style

If you came to us and you are interested in a bionic sign with LED backlight, then you are probably following the latest in outdoor advertising. Of course, you want something special, but this is not represented on the Ukrainian market. Today we will talk about bionic architecture and, accordingly, what we are interested in is how a sign with LED backlight is implemented in such a facade design. If you want a dynamic sign, we recommend that you check out Time Square outdoor advertising and Smart Led Signage.

What is bionic architecture?

This is a special approach that integrates the passivation of houses within a sustainable economic model, but in which models from the natural environment are integrated. For this reason, a building that reflects the ideas of bionics may remind you of animals or fish. Also, this design aims to make buildings more stable by tracking laminar wind flows. This, of course, is more relevant for skyscrapers, but the ideas of bionics can also be found in smaller high-rise buildings. They are discussed in our publication.

So, how can a bionic LED sign be realized? First of all, it should become a pictorial part of the facade. That is, the design of your sign will be part of an architectural structure. This is usually implemented using suspended structures or standard facades, which are delivered to the construction site of the house.

Let’s not remind the projectors from Gulliver’s Adventures, who talked about something in a very symbolic form, but let’s get down to business. You can imagine how a bionic sign with LED backlight will or may look like by looking at the photo of such objects and structures. How, to some extent, to implement this in practice, we describe below.

How to make a sign, following the ideas of bionics?

You can implement such ideas as in the photo and signs with LED backlighting in the style of bionics. For these purposes, hinged structures are used. Simply put, these are hinged facades, but they can be made from aluminum billets or made to order. For these purposes, you can use a metal profile, wood. Such a facade will be more durable. If plastic is used to implement the idea, then such a facade structure will require replacement and repair in the foreseeable future.

In addition to wood, aluminum, metal profiles and plastic, OSB-plates, moisture-resistant plywood, metal, including perforated metal, can be used for hinged facades.

With the help of hinged facades, you can realize the ideas of signboards not only in the bionic style. Metal, wood and OSB look great in loft facades. Reinforced wooden frame and cement moldings are used for hinged facades in the style of classicism. Such architecture can be found in Odessa on Greek Square, where the outer facade or elements are made in a classical style, and inside there can be a glass cube quite in the spirit of minimalism.

Highlighting – Are complex types of dynamic backlighting acceptable?

In fact, making dynamic LED backlighting is not at all difficult. But this is an overhead that will include:

  • microcontroller;
  • programming of the microcontroller;
  • network elements and switches.

If you want, it is quite possible to implement the ideas of bionic-style LED-lit signs, but it will be quite expensive, and at the same time it is affordable. At the same time, our specialists will be able to offer you alternative ideas with static lighting. First of all, backlighting of signboards. It looks stylish and is sold very inexpensively.

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