Brand management in the production of illuminated signboards

Professional brand management through the eyes of a backlit sign manufacturer

A backlit sign is one of the first types of advertising to promote a store, restaurant, cafe, salon or service center. Backlighting helps to expand the functions of facade advertising and increase coverage, as well as to realize an effective design of the facade of a store, cafe, bar or salon. The work on the sign is conventionally divided into two parts: brand management and meeting the technical requirements for the facade advertising structure. Upon completion of the work, the result obtained in the form of a project and visualization of the sign must be approved by the city architecture bureau.

Is brand management?

To understand what brand management processes are, you first need to understand the brand. To simplify the understanding, this is a trade mark with a well-formed image or image among buyers. Branding, respectively, is the development of an image in the context of promotion methods and selected communication channels.

Современный бренд-бук
Modern brand book describes all advertising templates

The result is usually recorded in a special document – a brand book or a brand book. It includes logos, how signboards, business cards, promo zones and other elements of image advertising will look. The brand book can be made in combination or gradually. The latter option is especially suitable for small businesses that are not interested in large expenses at the first stage.

The quality of brand formation, of course, will also depend on the quality of branding. For these purposes, there are also special techniques, which we will describe in more detail. But in general, the whole brand image should speak about what and what qualities the consumer buys when purchasing. This can be an ecological cleanliness of a product, high quality with trust in the manufacturer (for example, dairy products without palm oil), and so on.

Типы коммуникации в рекламе и бренд-менеджменте
Types of communication in advertising and brand management

A backlit sign is traditionally kept in corporate colors; the main slogan is often written on it and elements of corporate identity are used. We are talking about the logo, symbols and icons that were offered by the advertising agency.

How do I transfer branding elements to a backlit sign?

First, let’s define the concepts. By a backlit sign we mean a light box that is installed on the facade above the shop windows. Sometimes a lightbox-passing is perceived in this capacity, the functions of which involve attracting the attention of a person who does not raise his head to the window and facade. Accordingly, the lightbox can be installed at the top or at the bottom with fastening to the facade (as in the example). And to work with the consumer in different ways.

Стандартный пакет наружной рекламы для магазина
Standard Outdoor Store Package

If, in the case of a round lightbox in passing, a logo and a name are enough to design a mini-sign. When installed at the bottom, such outdoor advertising is used as an information citylight. By looking at these two backlit signs, it is easy to understand the function and highlight the features of the overhead light box. It should be quite large and contain fairly large corporate identity elements in order to attract passers-by at a sufficiently large distance.

Brand management in facade advertising is considered to be the maximum attraction of the attention of potential consumers. Advertising elements should be carriers of the corporate identity.

Customers often want to replace the light box with three-dimensional letters. However, this is a more expensive and more difficult to manufacture advertising structure. The cost of a sign with three-dimensional letters will be approximately equal to the price for the entire entrance group based on a traditional backlit sign.

Manufacturer’s requirements for outdoor advertising

When it comes to promotion at points of sale, more attention is paid not to the design of one sign, but to the complex design of the facade with advertising of a store, bar, service center. The entrance group can have a combined structure. In other words, light boxes or plastic structures will be placed on the walls, which will be one piece with the upper and main backlit signboard. We show examples of such ideas from a separate section of the blog “Outdoor Advertising Ideas”.

A single sign cannot provide the reach that can be obtained with a well-designed entrance. Engineering requirements are always at the heart of the project.

They take into account:

  • fastening methods taking into account the load on the facade;
  • features of connecting to electricity;
  • a device for removing moisture (this is optional, since signs are made on the basis of LED technologies, but this process increases the durability of the structure);
  • accounting for seasonal and atmospheric load;
  • buyer’s budget.

When developing a design, an engineer is always invited to check the feasibility. The cost of work is also agreed with him in each individual case. This is necessary to ensure long-term and simple and long-term operation of facade advertising without the need for repair.

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