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Branding and outdoor advertising: a sign for a butcher shop

Branding and outdoor advertising: a sign for a butcher shop

A sign for the Springfield Butchers meat shop from Xtra Shiny is a comprehensive solution for outdoor and indoor advertising

When you or the chosen agency fits together, you get a more powerful and targeted advertising message. How it implements, for example, a sign for the Springfield Butchers butcher shop from Xtra Shiny, Adelaide, Australia. It was made by the agency, having completed a comprehensive project for advertising branding.

The result is an absolutely amazing interior, which seems to reveal the interior space of a livestock farm. From the store it reeks of brutality, naturalness and exceptional quality, which is elevated to the main goal and is associated with the taste of those who made it. It must be said that the owner of Xtra Shiny is somewhat similar to an

Australian farmer – large, bearded and rude. It is his ideas that are embodied in the proposed design. The interior ad for Springfield Butchers by Xtra Shiny is an iconic example that you should definitely check out.

About Springfield Butchers: Butcher shop sign made of aluminum and wood

Xtra Shiny took on the complex order, which came after the start of the renovation of an already operating Springfield Butchers butcher shop in Adelaide. The main challenge was to move away from the clinical white of the store and the use of stainless steel.

Interior details were created from wooden beams, stone sandstone, spotted rubber, and also thanks to vintage lamps ordered from Poland. Moreover, this lighting is not entirely designer, it is premium industrial lighting for agricultural premises, farms and barnyards.

The sign is made from used aluminum sheet, which has not been intentionally stained. The letters are welded from separate pieces, where they are made by bending, and the core is a truncated wooden bar painted in red.

This is an example of a sign that you can make yourself

The photo shoot was made after the launch of the store by Jonathan van der Knaap. Moreover, the project is already more than 10 years old, this masterpiece appeared in 2008-2009, but even now it is a model sign design for a butcher shop and other retailers.

Signs in supermarkets

Distinctive features of the project

We want to pay attention to the styling, detailed and color elaboration of the project. You can copy it, take it as a prototype for your store, or create something new. But be sure to borrow from experience, it is useful to support creative vision.

The outdoor advertising agency “Elite” will be happy to provide you with services in the design of trading floors of company stores and will produce a sign for a butcher shop according to a sample or a unique design. We are always by your side!

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