Ideas of beautiful signs in the photo

Наклейки на вікна

Window stickers

Cute and unperfected for the effectiveness of window stickers We invite you to familiarize yourself with the photo album, thanks to which you will understand that window stickers can quite notice the sign. This is how our outdoor advertising agency “Elite” offers to design a shop window to its customers with a tight budget and …

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arhitekturnaya vyveska mgazina fendi

Outdoor advertising – examples in the world

Fashionable outdoor advertising – examples in different cities around the world A classic sign can look completely different in different countries around the world. It depends on many factors, including the design code of the city, the tradition of architecture, the prevailing fashion for such designs. For example, French outdoor advertising – examples of which …

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Інтер'єрна реклама нового покоління: MicroLED Samsung

MicroLED digital indoor advertising

New generation interior advertising: MicroLED Samsung Digital signage is slowly and steadily entering the market, but is still marginally chosen by consumers due to the high price. But if you’re looking for next-generation indoor advertising, Samsung’s 110″ MicroLED panel is just what you need to capture the attention of potential customers. Background About 10 years …

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фасадна вивіска з підсвічуванням

Facade signboard with backlight based on panels

Facade signboard with backlight based on ventilated panels The design of the facade based on ventilated facades with a sign belongs to the category of architectural signs. In other words, to the category of outdoor advertising integrated into the engineering design of the property. In this way, a facade signboard with backlight can be made …

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Архітектурна вивіска: нові тенденції у дизайні

Architectural sign: new trends in design

Architectural or facade-sized sign In the foreign practice of outdoor advertising there is such a thing as an architectural sign. We are talking about special types of advertising structures integrated into the architectural design of a building or structure. These are by default mega- or super-large signs. They include decorative elements that are an integral …

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Вивіски для кафе

Signs for а cafe

Signs for а cafe, coffee houses or other establishments Cafe attendance largely depends on the wealth of the population and the degree of communication interaction between people. In other words, people go to cafes to relax or socialize and less often try some special dishes. Communication in our time has migrated to the Internet and …

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