Дешевая вывеска, но оригинальная

Very cheapest sign

The cheapest sign – is it possible to order signs inexpensively

Often, customers come to us with the question that they need the cheapest sign. And, unlike other agencies, we have what to offer. First of all, these are typical or ready-made neon signs of small sizes, as well as lightboxes, the size and execution of which are close to standard forms. These are real examples where signs are inexpensive and look good.

Another option for a popular cheap sign is a banner stretch. In Paris, they can be found even on the facade of fairly well-known stores. In our country, this is a budget sign and at the same time banner advertising, which is required to hide an unpresentable facade without extra costs. And if an ordinary sign, for example, three-dimensional letters or a light box, can be moved by dismantling and installing outdoor advertising, then banners are a one-time and inexpensive sign.

However, these are not all options. The cheapest sign is usually small and made from affordable materials. Usually this:

We offer other ideas of what the cheapest signs will look like

Minimum cost and maximum effect. This will be the cheapest sign. If the lightbox before the war started from 1500 UAH, then the cheapest sign in the form of light boxes cost 5000-10000 UAH. Banners will be in demand in the post-war period, as they will help to quickly and inexpensively close damaged facades during repairs.

Reinforcement sign

One option for a cheap sign would be a rebar sign. It is made using the cold forging method and is mounted on the wall. This option is suitable for small offices, boutiques with a loft-style interior and interior advertising.

Вывеска из арматуры

Window stickers

A very worthy alternative to signage, when you do not want to spend a large amount, but have a large window area, are window stickers. Window dressing is very popular with stores located in shopping centers, but the approach is also applicable to outdoor advertising. This is also a very inexpensive sign that will be quite suitable for a small budget.

Наклейки на окна вместо вывески

Flat sign

An alternative to volumetric letters can be their metal versions. But this is a rather expensive job, but a similar flat plastic version will be quite acceptable for a small budget. The volume is given by layers of plastic, made with a slight decrease. Lighting can be backlighting. If you like this kind of sign, make sure you buy weatherproof plastic.

Плоская вывеска с эффектом объема

3D concrete letters

Our agency deals with various creative signs and can advise you on how to get out of the situation if you do not want to order, but you can do the work yourself. A simple and stylish option would be a sign made of concrete or even three-dimensional letters made of concrete. This is a rather heavy construction, but with the right device, the base will look very interesting, no worse than an expensive sign.

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