Новогодняя фотозона в детское кафе

Children’s cafe: photo zones

Children’s cafe: photo zones instead of outdoor advertising

In shopping centers, you can often see the use of a photo zone instead of outdoor advertising. But this technique is rarely used in cafes on the main streets. This may be due to the limitations of the appearance of signage and the difficulties of coordination with the architecture department.

Expensive facade advertising is a reason for joint investments of retail franchise owners

However, if possible, the opportunity to create a creative facade advertising for a children’s cafe should not be missed. Of course, you need to start with permission to install a sign. You or your trusted outdoor advertising agency may wish to consult with the City Architecture Department on this matter. This will require only a preliminary sketch.

The photo zone is realized with the help of signboards, city-lights and mobile advertising structures that are taken out into the street during the cafe’s opening hours. Creating a zone for photographing children on the street will positively affect the mood of parents. With affordable prices and an interesting menu, they will be happy to come in for a family dinner on weekends, and young mothers will meet you for a cup of coffee, walking with children.

For these purposes, you will need a place with a slight gas content, an open veranda at any time of the year, a play area and a photo zone for shooting. All this can become part of the outdoor advertising of your children’s cafe. This idea is well suited for developing and selling a franchise, that is, opening a chain of such cafes. Moreover, initial investments in the creation of a creative facade solution can be made jointly with other owners.

Wholesale production of signs

The production of several massive signs will cost less per unit than one copy. Cheaper prices are expected not only due to the joint expense item for the development of the solution, but also when purchasing consumables by the agency for outdoor advertising. The labor of workers will also be cheaper. Only the installation of a signboard and the cost of calling special equipment will remain unshakable, if we are talking about complex hinged structures.

However, this approach has three tangible benefits:

  • you can order first-class outdoor advertising;
  • the cost of a copy of a signboard for a children’s cafe or a facade solution will be cheaper;
  • Orders of individual elements can be made gradually without the rise in price due to a complex order.

Our outdoor advertising agency has a long experience of working and fulfilling complex orders for banks and chain cafes. You have the opportunity to take advantage of our experience and order a creative design of your future signboard for a children’s cafe.

Your outdoor advertising agency «Elite», Kiev.

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