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Christmas decoration of shop windows – a couple of ideas for a note

Christmas decoration of shop windows – order or do it yourself?

Christmas is a special time when even staunch atheists feel the magic of the moment in the atmosphere. During this period, people are in high spirits and do shopping. Therefore, using traditions and rituals, we recommend that you work on increasing sales. The place where Christmas souvenirs are usually sold is considered to be the Christmas Village, which was the name of the place in Strasbourg where merchants went to stock up. Later, the concept of tourist appeared, now Christmas villages work for the residents of their town and for tourists. So the benches in such villages always decorated the windows for Christmas. Today we will show you what you can do yourself.

Звезда для витрины из веток Елочка с шарами для витрины Елочка с игрушками для витрины

If you don’t have a special desire and time to complete the New Year window decoration, no problem. Our external advertising agency “Elit” will do it for you. Moreover, we have service packages for large stores, not limited by budget, and for small boutiques.

Balls, toys and natural materials…

Christmas decoration of shop windows is good because it can be made from materials at hand. First of all, balls, Christmas tree branches and bows. If there are no Christmas tree branches, no problem, they can be replaced with ordinary branches that can be collected in the nearest park. Board scraps, thin and thick branches are suitable for making imitation Christmas trees, stars, and wreaths. This entourage is complemented by usually painted shop windows. It can be drawings or stickers on windows. In both cases, options have the right to life.

Украшение витрины рисунком
Window decoration with a picture
Простые рисунки на стеклах
Simple drawings on glass
Гномы на стеклах
Gnomes on the windows

Рождественские рисунки на стеклах

Необычные рисунки на стеклах
Unusual drawings on glass

We decided to make a selection that will help you make a Christmas display window decoration with your own hands. Window stickers with a New Year’s theme can be ordered from our agency. They are made from an oracle, which is cut with a pattern on a plotter. This is done quickly, so we can help you make window stickers already drawn in the editor or offer your own version.

Елка из ложек для фаст фуда Елка из проволоки с LED Cristmas village для кондитерской

Inflatable balls or Christmas tree toys

If you take an interest in our latest publications about the celebration of Christmas in different countries, you will notice the peculiarities of the Christmas window decoration in Paris, Strasbourg, Warsaw, London and other European cities. A generally accepted trend is the Christmas decoration of shop windows with wreaths of Christmas tree branches with lights and toys. But this is only one of the options.

Ящики с подарками Елочка для витрины Светящиеся елочка из досок

You can also see signs decorated with giant Christmas tree toys, special children’s toys, for example, teddy bears. You can use ordinary inflatable balls for decoration. There are generally no restrictions.

Christmas lights – more lights

Of course, the main element of the Christmas sign will be the Christmas lights. There should be a lot of them, which is especially attractive at night. In addition, such garlands, despite their brightness, consume very little electricity and do not discharge even a power bank.

Универмаг Saks Fifth Avenue
Saks Fifth Avenue department store
Универмаг Saks Fifth Avenue
Saks Fifth Avenue department store

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