Concrete sign

Making an inexpensive concrete sign

Making a sign from concrete resembles the casting of plaster of paris. Almost any outdoor advertising can be made of a cement-sand mixture. However, it is required to pay special attention to the reliable setting and formulation of the concrete composition, which provides polymer strength.

You can make an external LOFT concrete plate yourself. If we are talking about larger forms of outdoor advertising, it is better to contact our agency to achieve the maximum effect.

What signs can be made from concrete

In our experience, there are several types of signage that look good in concrete. First of all, these are the passes on the brackets. Such a sign is very reliable if it is well fixed and made of a strong cement-sand composition. Keep in mind that when elements of such signs fall, passers-by may suffer, so you need to carefully consider the design.

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Another good option is the name signs, which are part of the facade cladding. Typically, such elements are carried out by specialists in decorative facade cladding. To create such a sign, you will need to find a master who specializes in curly elements for decorating window openings, entrance groups and columns.

Имитация вывески из бетона
Imitation of a concrete sign

Volumetric concrete letters usually replace lawn signs. They are durable, do not require maintenance and always attract the attention of passers-by.

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How concrete signs are made

For the manufacture of such outdoor advertising, you will need a mold for filling. It is easiest to make it on a 3D printer. To do this, you need to make a layout by drawing all the elements of the image.

In the next step, it is important to properly prepare the solution. The mixture is prepared with a predominance of the mass fraction of cement with the addition of basalt fiber for strength. It is best for the product to have a reinforced frame with fastening points. The sign can be made of gray and white cement, including decor with metallized paints.

At the final stage, a concrete sign is decorated with a grinder, Venetian coating, varnish, metallized paints. After the production of such outdoor advertising, it remains to perform a high-quality installation of handmade outdoor advertising.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with a series of interesting photos on the topic of concrete signboards.

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