Facade advertising structures or e-commerce advertising

E-commerce advertising versus facade advertising structures

When starting a business, many entrepreneurs face the dilemma of choosing a way to promote. At the moment, the most relevant are considered two options for “promotion” – advertising in e-commerce and facade advertising structures. Although these two types of customer acquisition are completely different, we tried to compare them with each other. This will help our customers during the formation of their first advertising budgets.

Facade advertising structures – cost and efficiency

All types of outdoor advertising are classified as facade advertising structures. They are designed to promote the brand and are installed, for example, on roofs and steep surfaces. The main purpose of such advertising is to achieve a recognizable name and logo of the company. This could be a financial institution, a well-known clothing or food brand.


Mega constructs

Mega-sized facade advertising structures – functions and features:

  • good visibility over a large area;
  • separate volumetric elements;
  • backlight for a spectacular look in the dark;
  • calculation of climatic and atmospheric loads (windage).

Usually, three-dimensional letters and elements are made for such advertising structures. Since in this case, individual modules are cheaper and more acceptable from the point of view of fastening reliability due to the so-called “windage”. If the mounting is carried out on the wall, then the modular advertising is easier to install and, accordingly, will cost less.

Отдельные объемные элементы фасадной рекламной конструкции сокращают эффект парусности.
Separate volumetric elements reduce the wind effect

If you want to make an entrance group for a store, then you need to build on the functions or, in other words, the goals pursued. Such an advertising sign should, first of all, attract the attention of passers-by, inform about services and promotions, stop the gaze and be remembered by the name and logo.

Entry group

Functions of the entrance group of the store:

  • to win the attention of passers-by – this is realized with the help of bright color accents or dynamic lighting at night;
  • stop the gaze of busy passers-by at any viewing angle – light-box-passing;
  • to be remembered – to be original;
  • inform a potential client about the services – interwindow or window posters;
  • inform the client about promotions – city light, pavement sign, mobile posters.
  • If your potential buyer is among passers-by, it is he who needs to be attracted.

Make sure that the buyer sees the signs from all points of the approach to the store. Outdoor advertising agency «Elit» can offer not only advertising signs for the store, but also landscape structures with and without illumination. For example, a lawn lightbox with a volumetric structure, outdoor advertising lighting, neon signs.

E-commerce – what you can count on

An online store, advertising in search engines, social networks is targeted at remote buyers. If your consumer is geographically dispersed, and the store works more like a salon, then there is no point in making a large advertising structure on the facade.

A conventional backlit sign is enough. It is also called a light box, the dimensions of which are selected based on desires, design and budget. Backlighting in all cases should be done taking into account the specifics of the location of the store. For example, it should not fall into the near field of view of the residents of the houses. If you need night advertising, we recommend that you additionally make and install a city light, it will be below the level of view of residents of residential buildings.

If the store operates as a service center, salon, warehouse or office, and the bulk of sales are formed by electronic sales points, facade advertising structures should be small and functional. The main function of signage is navigation. They are used as pointers. In this case, the emphasis in outdoor advertising is on lightboxes and e-commerce advertising.

Good luck with the promotion,

your outdoor advertising agency «ELIT».


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