фасадна вивіска з підсвічуванням

Facade signboard with backlight based on panels

Facade signboard with backlight based on ventilated panels

The design of the facade based on ventilated facades with a sign belongs to the category of architectural signs. In other words, to the category of outdoor advertising integrated into the engineering design of the property. In this way, a facade signboard with backlight can be made in combination only with the entrance group, or the entire building can be decorated. We have prepared a selection of successful photos of building decoration with ventilated facade panels.

The main advantage of using facade panels in the production of outdoor advertising is the flexibility of the installation approach

The most important advantage of facade ventilated panels is the ability to abandon traditional materials in the manufacture of outdoor advertising. An image is cut out on the finished panels with a cutter, lighting is made under the vacated space. Thus, when ordering an expensive sign, two birds with one stone are killed at the same time: the facade is updated and an eye-catching front sign with backlight is installed.

If the customer wants to get a three-dimensional image on the facade, then the architectural solution can be supplemented with three-dimensional letters and even traditional signs. Standard structures are removed and new ones are installed in their place. For this reason, the combination of the traditional approach to the installation of outdoor advertising and architectural signage is well suited for shopping centers that provide the opportunity to rent a front area for the installation of signboards for organizations located on the territory of office and retail premises.

Facade panels – a quick and relatively inexpensive option for finishing the facade

Using an architectural approach and combining outdoor advertising with facade decoration, you can always take a comprehensive approach to updating the appearance of an office or retail building or entrance. Such an illuminated facade sign will make it more attractive, increase the company’s goodwill, and will attract the surrounding and residents of adjacent residential areas.

Architectural signage based on ventilated panel technology is a new but well-established trend in outdoor advertising. Already today it is actively offered in Kyiv for the quick commissioning of commercial premises and office buildings.

The technology is also actively used to equip the entrance groups of shopping centers and supermarkets with advertisements.

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