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Fashionable signs for a pharmacy

What are the trends for fashionable signs for pharmacies?

It is not so easy to choose fashionable signs for a pharmacy. Advertising agencies offer fairly obvious solutions, but not the “Elite” outdoor advertising agency. The classic approach is good in many cases, but not when you need to stand out and attract attention. Pharmacy is exactly the kind of commercial activity that needs a thoughtful approach to outdoor advertising. This is exactly what we decided to dedicate the publication to and look at the experience of Western partners, what kind of fashionable signs are they for pharmacies?

Let’s start with typical solutions

Typical solutions for pharmacies include, of course, neon signs, signs with a running line, and light boxes of various shapes, as well as illuminated signs. This is where the range of outdoor advertising products generally ends, that is, advertising agencies offer these three or four types of signs for pharmacies. Meanwhile, foreign pharmacies approach the choice of outdoor advertising more creatively.

Now about atypical solutions

What means of promotion by outdoor advertising are used:

  • design of the entire facade and its involvement in the advertising structure with the help of hinged panels;
    three-dimensional letters in the window;
  • gluing shop windows, if it is difficult to install a sign for a pharmacy;
  • steles;
  • city lights.

The main task of outdoor advertising agencies is to make the pharmacy memorable and highly visible in the dark, so that people use this storefront as a signpost. An ordinary sign may not be enough, although if a person is looking for a pharmacy, a simple light box of a small size is quite enough.

About saving light

In the context of fan shutdowns, it makes sense to envisage an autonomous power supply and the operation of a pharmacy sign on the minimum lighting mode. Such approaches are not implemented by Western partners, but are available in our Ukrainian everyday life.

All types of LED signs include low-energy consumption. However, it is necessary to reduce the light consumption to a minimum so that all devices can use the power bank with the minimum capacity. For these purposes, an LED strip is suitable, including an imitation of neon, as well as LED curtains based on the principle of a New Year’s garland.

Illumination of the windows along the contour, counter-illumination of the letters of the sign, as well as a small lightbox in the form of a red cross can be effective illumination of the sign for the pharmacy during the blackout period.

What colors are suitable for a fashionable sign for a pharmacy

Red, blue and green shades are usually used for pharmacy. They make a positive impression, are well remembered and cause the right associations. If you are interested in developing an interesting sign for your pharmacy, contact the outdoor advertising agency “Elit”. We will make memorable outdoor advertising and design the facade, as well as perform installation work and warranty and post-warranty repair of the sign.

Fashionable signs for a pharmacy

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