Шоппинг или просто праздничное освещение в Париже

Festive lighting at New Paris 2022

Festive lighting in New Year’s Paris 2022

Paris is the dream of many, it remains in dreams or becomes a reality, it depends on fortune and opportunities. But each of us can admire the Christmas lights on video, which we suggest our readers do and conduct research on the New Year’s decoration of the streets of the capital of France. What is it like, what are its features, is it worth borrowing, or can something be replaced?

Elements of Christmas decorations on the streets of Paris

On the streets of Paris, you can observe three elements of Christmas decor, these are:

  • numerous LED garlands – on railings, windows, trees;
  • Christmas trees at each entrance to the store with LED lighting;
  • luminous facade installations.

It must be said that the festive coverage of Paris under President Macron looks very modest and even formal, but there are interesting finds. These include the lighting of trees in the shape of bells on a light frame. Obviously, such a solution greatly simplifies the installation of LED lights, and most importantly, their dismantling.

Despite the fact that Paris is Paris, the holiday does not look festive. At least the setting does not drag you into a festive environment. However, everything looks beautiful.

Праздничное освещение на улицах Квебека
Holiday lighting on the streets of Quebec
Пример освещения праздничными огнями
An example of lighting with holiday lights
Праздничное освещение в провинциальной Европе
Festive lighting in provincial Europe

The use of artificial Christmas trees makes the New Year safer for nature, but less impressive as a store decoration.

Facade installations and festive lighting are interesting

Of course, in addition to lights, festive lighting of facades is also of interest, these are called facade structures or installations. On the streets of Paris, you can often find such outdoor advertising solutions, but it is not very common.

The most interesting option is the hinged facades with dynamic lights, but this is a year-round installation. At the same time, many shops have festive lighting of the facade, and it has a very attractive appearance.

Finds we recommend

Firstly, monochrome lighting looks beautiful, but is inferior to colored light installations. It is better to demonstrate what has been said with appropriate photos, which show festive lighting in different colors. It is truly fabulously beautiful and truly festive.

Christmas mall Decoration2

Christmas mall Decoration

Cristmas Shopping Centre

Big Cristmass Village in Shopping Centre

Big Cristmass Village

Рождественские наклейки на окна
Christmas stickers on windows

Secondly, we recommend to design shop windows and interior installations in the style of Christmas Village, that is, we are talking about a Christmas village. Stylistics is very popular in the design of shop windows, as it allows not only to attract customers, but also to advertise promotional products. In addition, as interior advertising, you can find real Christmas Villages inside shopping centers in mega-installations. Similar solutions are also acceptable for the street.

How to order festive lighting

To order festive lighting, you need to choose an analogue and decide on a sample. Our outdoor advertising agency can implement projects similar to those shown in the photo.

Your outdoor advertising agency “Elit”.

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