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Funny signs in photos

Funny signs in photos and examples

Humor is an impeccable advertising tool that opens the hearts of potential customers, but it must be used meaningfully, evoking the right associations. On the streets of Ukrainian cities you can rarely find funny signs. They may not be consistent with the dress code of the city or simply out of place.

However, we managed to pick up several options. And everywhere we are talking about a combination of methods of transmitting information – verbal and visual. In other words, humor can be contained in words, and the sign is made in the usual way. But that doesn’t mean the opposite can’t be done.

Ideas for funny signs

Coming up with a verbal pun will, at first glance, be cheaper than ordering a funny sign. Why? Because you can order an interesting idea or a funny slogan at a reasonable price, but to make something complex and implement it in a sign will cost more. This is due to additional elements that need to be cut, hung and highlighted.

The idea sometimes determines the cost

A funny sign, if we are not talking about a phrase with sharp humor, should be dynamically backlit and include three-dimensional figures that realize the intended meaning. The finished sign will have a justified high price, which will consist of the cost of rather expensive materials, digital modules, LED backlighting, work and installation. Additionally, you will have to pay for the call of special equipment, with the help of which the installation of outdoor advertising is done.

Rather high costs may not pay off if the concept of sales is not further thought out. What does it mean? If the association evoked by a funny sign is incomprehensible, it will not encourage passers-by to buy. Perhaps they will use it as a photo zone or admire it as they pass by.

Don’t create barriers

Visitors perceive the verbal-visual construction associatively. For example, if the sign is too massive, then it will be a barrier to entering the room. The same applies to completely closed windows, when passers-by perceive a store, cafe, salon or institution as a “closed club”.

Variants of funny signs and their implementation in outdoor advertising

In other words, ordering an expensive sign should not be overzealous. A visual message can be made using small figures mounted on a conventional overhead sign. For example, “Dating Cafe” might show the figures of a girl and a guy chasing her on a bike with a tree in front of it. Or for bakeries, you can make an image of a farmer at the mill in the absence of wind. This is done using relatively inexpensive materials, such as neon.

Photo of funny signs

We think that the main idea, which is that the production of a funny sign should be approached in a meaningful and pragmatic way, is understandable. We still recommend that you approach the implementation of ideas in a comprehensive manner, that is, use showcases, an area at the entrance, the space above the signboard and facades for an advertising message.

An integrated approach, of course, should not “argue” with the city’s dress code and architecture. At the same time, a comprehensive solution can be implemented gradually. For example, during the year.

Your outdoor advertising agency «Elite», Kiev.

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