How is the installation of signs

Installation of outdoor advertising and installation of signs on the facade and roof of the building

The installation of a signboard or volumetric letters should be thought out by an engineer carrying out architectural supervision immediately after inspecting the object and developing a design. To prevent expensive outdoor advertising from breaking down and staying firmly on the base, the installation must be performed by qualified specialists. An employee of the engineering department of the RA “Elite” agreed to tell how the installation of the sign is carried out.

Монтаж вывесок
Installation of signage requires high engineering qualifications

Usually a qualified team carries out the installation, reconstruction, restoration, repair, measurements and engineering design of outdoor advertising and inspection of structures. High-rise work and installation of roof structures are discussed separately.

What is needed

Installation of outdoor advertising often requires the use of equipment and manipulators, which ultimately affects the cost of work. Do not use the services of private installers. To install signage, you need to be proficient in the skills of installing banners, lightboxes, volumetric letters. All of these works require high-quality installation and electrical connection. The larger the sign, the more experience is required from the installer.

The sequence of work performed during the installation of a sign usually looks like this:

  • electrical work;
  • cladding and preparation of the facade;
  • installation of outdoor advertising;
  • electrical connection and testing of the signboard.

Fastening the illuminated sign to the wall

Before starting work, an engineer of RA “Elite” clarifies all aspects of electrical connection and installation of a sign. The finished sign is unpacked and placed on a horizontal surface with the front side up.

By the time the signboard is directly attached to the wall, work should be done to connect the electrical wiring. Some types of signage involve the installation of shower gutters. This is especially true for objects where, in addition to outdoor advertising, work is carried out on the cladding of the facade or sign area with aluminum panels. Accordingly, with or without insulation.

After the preparatory work, the direct installation of outdoor advertising is carried out. The upper part of the sign is removable. A template is installed on the wall to mark the place of drilling holes for dowels. The rear wall of the sign is drilled together with the wall. Attachment points are made for a dowel of the appropriate length, which depends on the weight of the structure.

In some cases, the sign is attached to a metal frame. Then the markings for the fasteners are planned and applied at the time of installing the frame structure and cladding the facade with aluminum.

After the installation of the fasteners, the front part of the sign is attached. This should be done starting from one side and gently pressing the front of the structure around the entire perimeter.

Installation of volumetric letters with contour

When using backlighting in a signboard with backlighting, screws of a greater length are used for installation than the dowel itself. In addition, sleeves 3-4 cm long are added. They are necessary for a beautiful glow of the backlighting, which is mounted on the back of the outdoor advertising structure.

Backlight mounting

The backlight is connected after the letters or signs are installed. But already at the time of installing the template, you need to drill two holes into which the wires are inserted. The connection of the internal circuit to the wires is usually done with a simple twist, which is insulated with silicone nozzles. The sign is usually connected through one or more transformers with a switch, which can be placed outside or inside the building.

Светодиодные модули для вывесок
LED Signage Modules

LED Signage Modules

The switch can be equipped with a dedicated wireless relay and timer. A light sensor can be added to the power circuit so that the sign lights up at dusk and turns off in the morning, depending on the onset of darkness and morning. In some cases, in the case of using dynamic lighting, an electronic control board is installed, the scripts of which can be connected through a computer or a special panel. Such control nodes usually support data transmission over Wi-Fi and 4G.

Реле времени с таймером для подключение вывесок
Timer relay for connecting signage

An interesting solution is special musical signs for night venues and clubs, the lighting of which changes to the music.

What is sailing?

Depending on the type of sign and its placement on the facade or roof of a building, you need to take into account the effect of windage. That is, how the outer structure will behave in the wind. Moreover, according to experience, ordinary drafts, which are common on city streets, are sufficient to create a sail load.

Крышная конструкция, учитывающая парусность
A supporting structure is required to avoid windage. which will keep outdoor advertising in gusts of wind.

Typically, windage is taken into account in roof structures. This requires additional stops. Preference is given to individual volumetric elements instead of solid light boxes. The smaller the area of ​​the front of the structure, the less the wind effect.

If you want to consult with our engineer on the nature of the design of outdoor advertising at your facility, call right now. He will explain to you in detail how the installation of the sign is carried out in your particular case.

Good luck with the promotion,

your outdoor advertising agency “Elite”.

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