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How to design a sign

How to design a sign

If you are thinking about how to design a sign for a long-term store or salon, then it’s time to rebrand. What it is? It’s about updating the corporate identity. Typically, such a need arises in a number of cases: during a major overhaul of the store, with a decrease in sales, with a change in the assortment and profile.

Regardless, once you’ve successfully passed the first stage of development, it makes sense to take the issue of presenting yourself more seriously. Today we are looking at how to make a sign design catchy, elegant and attractive to potential customers. This is not such an easy task, it is usually done by full-service advertising agencies. This is a rather expensive service, for this reason, clients often look for how to design a sign at a more affordable price, but with maximum effect.

If you are thinking about how to design.

First of all, object binding

If you are not designing a sign for a chain store or cafe, then you need to start work by linking to a specific property. Will it be outdoor advertising on the facade of a rented premises or a permanent installation of a facade structure? It also matters. The selected outdoor advertising agency can make a sign with or without reference to the facade. But with binding, the customer has much more opportunities to get a more interesting solution.

Try to imagine and write down all your requirements or wishes for the sign, take a photo of the facade from different angles, and indicate the location relative to roads with active traffic.

Choose a prototype

Based on the existing requirements, it will be easier for you to choose a prototype of a future sign. At the same time, keep in mind: the more tasks and work you formulate for the agency, the more it will cost you. Requirements must be verified, it is also worth showing what you liked from such signs. You can find a suitable option in the galleries of our site or in search engines.

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Technical verification

After obtaining the necessary data, an employee of an agency or a manufacturing enterprise can calculate how much money a sign will cost you. As a result, an additional list of requirements and restrictions will be formed.

What are the requirements:

  • from the restrictions arising from the terms of use of materials for the manufacture of outdoor advertising;
  • from the features of the backlight and its installation;
  • it is also the dimensions, detailing of the decor and the permissible angles of sharp elements.

Based on prepared materials, a list of requirements and restrictions, it will be much easier to create a new sign design.

Selection of corporate colors and design recommendations

When you think about how to make a sign design, you can’t lose sight of the associative characteristics. Outdoor advertising should cause the right reaction of passers-by, motivating them to buy services or products. This task has several stages of implementation. Facade advertising should be pleasing to the eye, evoke the right emotions, be memorable and interesting, and encourage action. Only in this case, investments in the manufacture of signs will be fully justified.

The advantage of this approach is pragmatism. The customer of the sign will receive what they want in accordance with their budget.

What you need to prepare to order a sign design

To summarize, how you can order or make your own sign design:

  1. Write down your wishes and requirements. Remove from them superfluous and redundant.
  2. Choose a prototype sign that best matches your ideas about outdoor advertising in the photo.
  3. Describe the color scheme, the nature of fastening and lighting.
  4. Contact us at the agency.

After consulting with a specialist, it will be easier for you to hire a designer yourself, or you can use the services of an outdoor advertising agency that meets your requirements.

Call right now if you are ready to order a sign or if you have questions about how to design a sign. The proposed approach will help to significantly save on the order.

Your outdoor advertising agency «Elite», Kyiv.

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