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How to make a signboard in production

There is little information about how the signboard is manufactured as part of the order

How to make a signboard in production? Such processes, for example, as the production of a sign, are usually hidden from the eyes of the customer. Today we will talk a little about the production process of the birth of outdoor advertising and show a little about the processes involved. Of course, any production of a sign starts with a design. Moreover, it consists not only of a formal drawing, but also of lighting planning, selection of materials and fasteners. It must be said that many outdoor advertising agencies start from the design of the sign, then offer the customer typical solutions that are also in our assortment.

Typical types of signs

On the streets of Kyiv, you can find various signs, but mostly they all fall under several popular types, for example:

It should be said that these types reflect more the production process itself, and not the types of outdoor advertising themselves. Therefore, if you look at the problem from the point of view of advertising, you can reveal many interesting solutions that will help a specific brand to become individualized. A good example is the work of an Australian agency that developed a phenomenal sign design for a butcher shop. But today we will not be talking about advertising and variety of design, but about specific production.

What should you pay attention to?

First of all, it should be understood that the listed types of signs can be combined for one outdoor advertisement. There are a lot of such examples, however, again, they are standard. Most often, a light box with a playbox or a sign without illumination is combined with the design of shop windows, trying to match the design of the facade in the complex.

Solutions of one sign can be combined. Due to the variety of technologies, the price will be higher, but the advertising activity of such signs pays for itself. For example, when making three-dimensional letters, add a three-dimensional element with a backlight.

If you need a relatively inexpensive but fashionable premium sign, order outdoor advertising based on facade panels. For example, we can mill these panels and make a backlight on the clearance. At the same time, you will repair the facade and make an up-to-date sign.

Volumetric letters can be performed in different ways. For example, they can be made of several layers of plastic and under them perform counter lighting. It will, of course, be cheaper than traditional three-dimensional letters. Making a sign as a process is very diverse, and you need to use all available opportunities to reach a potential consumer.

What does signboard production and complexity depend on?

Of course, the price for making a sign in Kyiv is based on the cost of materials and the cost of work. The photo shows the process of outdoor advertising production. Detailing and complexity affects the final budget of the order, but a thoughtful approach allows you to get inexpensive and very interesting signs. Contact us if you are interested in the production of a non-standard sign that is not like everyone else’s, we will realize your ideas! See how seemingly ordinary signage can be implemented only at the production level.

Ordinary and unusual production of signs

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