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How to make the right choice? Popular types of signs

Popular types of signs

Today we will touch on a trivial issue and tell you what popular types of signs look like. This information will help you correctly and technically correctly form the terms of reference for the implementation of outdoor advertising. And we will do it with conditional filtering: from cheaper to more expensive.

It must be said that popular types of signs belong to different price categories. For this reason, the cost is not decisive in the choice made by the client. As a rule, our customers form their opinion on the basis of the examples they see, so we try to expand the working sets of outdoor advertising through foreign experience and the result of a creative search for advertising agencies. You can see our photo albums, where you can find a suitable type of sign.

Facade plate

This is the easiest way to advertise your store or business. It is usually carried out in the form of a metal or plastic plate. Usually these are installed by government agencies or schools. Abroad, such signs hang at the entrance to expensive salons and shops.

House number with advertisement

If you are the owner of the premises, you can install a sign with the house number containing an advertisement for your company. This type of outdoor advertising is relatively effective, but is well remembered by passers-by.
Open/Closed signs and neon signs

These are very popular signs. They are inexpensive, compact, and rarely require decoration in the architecture department, as a neon sign can be installed in a window. In the assortment of our agency you will find neon signs “Coffee-Tea”, “Open / Closed”, signs of a pharmacy and a veterinary shop, signs of a disco or a children’s cafe.

Window dressing – applications for showcases

Applying an image printed on self-adhesive film is a well-known trick. In some cases, for example, if most of your facade is occupied by windows, then this type of outdoor advertising can play the role of a sign. Do not neglect a cheap way of promotion with an interesting effect. You can glue not only windows, but also doors. Moreover, in some cases, the theme can be decorative, not advertising.

Free standing stand or passing

These are inexpensive, but very effective types of outdoor advertising, replacing advertising on established city lights. They belong to mobile advertising, so they do not require registration in the department of architecture of the city. The same applies to window dressing, which usually does not require approval from the city executive committee. Together, these two types of advertising look very impressive.

Banner stretch

Signage and outdoor advertising can be done using banner stretching. Especially in those cases when it is required to close an unpresentable facade without repair. With the help of banners, you can hide not only walls, but also windows that you do not want to change and show to visitors.

Flat sign

This type of sign is popular due to the low price. It is made of plastic, on which decorative elements are applied. This is usually done with a film, but the finish can also be a three-dimensional element, but excluding three-dimensional letters.

Lightbox with side mount

If you are looking for inexpensive and effective popular types of advertising, then you will not be able to pass by a side-mounted lightbox. Usually its function is to attract the attention of passers-by, but some organizations are limited to such a sign. In a more expensive version, lightboxes complement the light box or are combined with it.
growth figure

We are talking about a free-standing advertising structure, made in the form of a figure. It can be a fairy-tale character that attracts visitors, or a photo of a real person on a plastic base.

Light box

This type of advertising is often referred to as a backlit sign. The light box itself is usually made rectangular, but there may be exceptions. With a curvilinear shape of the box, the cost of such a sign will increase significantly. Light elements are placed inside the box.

Volumetric letters

Volumetric decorative elements of outdoor advertising are not very popular because of the high cost, but this does not apply to volumetric letters. They are technologically analogous to a light box made in a curvilinear shape. Each such letter usually has a backlight.


A very convenient type of advertising for remote retail or office facilities. Also, with the help of steles, they decorate the territory adjacent to enterprises, exhibition centers, and open-air galleries.

Roof construction

Outdoor advertising installed on the roof, regardless of execution, will be called a roof structure. In such types of fixtures, the type of sign is no longer important, but only the fact that its installation requires a special frame for attaching and holding the sign. In some cases, we are talking about a complex engineering structure that can withstand various loads.

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How to create terms of reference for an outdoor advertising agency

First, any customer needs to look at examples of what popular types of signs are. After that, it is worth trying to imagine a sign: what kind of elements you would like to see, what type they should be. This should definitely be supplemented with approximate dimensions. This will be enough to get the preliminary cost of the order. An accurate cost estimate will be provided by the agency after the master arrives at the installation site, takes measurements and examines the place and method of fastening. If you are not satisfied with the price, try to bargain or find a better option for your order configuration or sign type.


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