How to order outdoor advertising in Paris: signs and streets of the capital

How to order outdoor advertising: what signs are customary to make in Paris

We decided to consider an example of how to order outdoor advertising using the example of Paris, showing some streets. It turned out that the most popular in the French capital are banner signs, branded awnings and umbrellas. Signs, traditional in our understanding, can be found extremely rarely. At the same time, they will be small and elegant – no mega-constructions. In general, the entrance groups of the shops in Paris are very modest. Often made in the old format. Pasting of shop windows is very popular. And, apparently, such features are associated with the design code of the city.

Какую заказать наружную рекламу: вывески на торговых улицах Парижа
Signs on the shopping streets of Paris

Banner sign and awnings – as the basis of outdoor advertising for shops in Paris

Despite the fact that window canopies are no longer designed to shield from the sun, they can be seen at every corner of the shopping streets of Paris. Of course, such tricks are resorted to by numerous cafes that have set up a summer zone right on the sidewalks. Or there is a product under the canopy. Usually these are various souvenirs or flowers.

We decided to figure out why exactly such an eclecticism of signage in Paris. And what kind of outdoor advertising to order, if you are lucky to open a shop here. And, despite their rather modest appearance, these boutiques trade for a large sum every day.

Ancient eclecticism of Paris

Signs in Paris develop the idea of ​​an old interior. Even the new establishments have a guessed Parisian style. The thing is that many shops are located on the first floors of houses, where large retail space was not initially envisaged. Therefore, even large stores are located in premises that are combined from the premises of smaller shops.

They were a small room with windows and showcases with an interior. The door and windows were often a single entrance group, which was made of wood. Signs were side-mounted or placed in the windows. Over time, the owners of cafes and shops used the upper part, above the windows of the store, decorating it with illuminated wood. It was there that the signs were also placed.

With the advent of banner fabric, many signs were made from the same material as the visors. Moreover, the name of the cafe is often pasted on the awning canopies. This tradition has survived.

The most fashionable signs in Paris

Visitors are afraid to stand out, so when answering the question “How to order outdoor advertising” they choose a standard approach. This is a facade decoration, embedding windows in the entrance group as showcases. A small sign above the store. It can be highlighted from above or by “contour”. If you want to order the simplest signboard, that’s okay, Parisians and guests of the capital of France pay more attention to the product.


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