Гарні види рекламних вивісок

Interesting ideas and types of advertising signs

Interesting ideas and types of advertising signs – it’s impressive

The source of inspiration is important and is used not only by our customers, but also by professional designers. Interesting ideas and types of advertising signs will be a useful help in choosing the direction, materials, shape and design of outdoor advertising. We wish you a pleasant viewing and interesting results. Elite outdoor advertising agency (Kyiv) can offer its assistance in the development, planning, manufacture and installation of signs of any complexity.

Signs made of wood or concrete

Do you want to stand out from other establishments and shops, while spending a minimum of money on outdoor advertising? This is real if you use two popular building materials – concrete or wood. Find interesting ideas and choose the appropriate types of advertising signs.

In the first case, the sign is poured using a pre-prepared form or uses the method of artistic molding to create three-dimensional decorative elements similar to the bas-relief. Finishing is done with transparent and pigmented paints or varnishes. If you are making a concrete slab, be sure to use basalt or propylene fiber to reinforce the product.

When making wooden signs, pay special attention to lighting. Otherwise, the process of producing outdoor advertising in this case will resemble carpentry. With the help of wood you can make signs and small signs for cafes, restaurants, rural hotels and other tourist establishments.

Wooden signs look good in the interior and are suitable for indoor advertising. And in this case it is possible to use plywood, a furniture board or OSB-plates. Moisture-resistant plywood is also suitable for architectural signs, which we have already talked about.

Modern and retro metal signs

Metal signs, made with the help of artistic forging, are the first examples of advertising of its kind. They decorated old taverns, roadside hotels and acted as signs and signs in front of settlements. They can be made in modern and retro design.

Lightboxes and digital interior signs

This type of advertising is effective, relatively budget, easy to install and remove. In other words, it is suitable for small shops, pharmacies, salons and establishments located in rented premises. In the classic version during the manufacture of outdoor advertising complements the main sign, made using light box technology. Typically, such lightboxes are installed on the side facade walls to attract passers-by.

In addition to the facade installation, lightboxes are offered in the form factor of city lights. Such designs are often used in indoor advertising. An interesting option for such solutions are interior lightboxes and Smart Digital signage.

Signs for supermarkets

If you have your own supermarkets or open a department, you will be interested to see examples of indoor advertising for retail.

Architectural signs

Architectural signs, including on ventilated facades.

Corner, vertical and banner signs

Corner, vertical and banner signs.

Interior signs for shopping centers

For shopping malls.

Funny signs and outdoor advertising for cafes

Funny signs and outdoor advertising for cafes.