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Most popular interior signage and office solutions

Many companies are located in shopping and business centers, so interior signs and their choice are very relevant. For these purposes, the managers of the outdoor advertising agency “Elite” have selected several attractive examples in the photo.

Sign on the wall in the reception area

In the reception area, above the secretary’s desk, it is customary to place a sign made in the technique of volumetric letters. It can also decorate any free wall at the entrance, and as an alternative we offer lightbox walls and illuminated columns.

Another interesting option for placing a sign is the secretary’s desk. The secretarial desk can be made to order and contain elements of outdoor advertising.

Vertical lightbox sign for shopping malls

Imagine yourself walking through the mall. You only look at large interior signs from a distance, from a staircase or dais. But what should the owners of small boutiques do, how to attract the attention of customers?

Вертикальная вывеска лайтбокс для торговых центров
Vertical signboard lightbox for shopping malls

For these purposes, there is a universal solution, which is very popular among our customers with small shops, service centers, cafes and salons. This is a vertical lightbox sign shown in the example.

Glowing Walls and Columns – Ideal Interior Signs with Superior Performance

Making billboards with backlighting in a shopping center is not know-how, but you can always approach the issue of production and installation in an original way. Use columns and walls for your own advertising near your office or store in the mall. Placed on the aisle, they attract clientele to your establishment or shop from afar.

Also pay attention to the novelty – corner signs. Such solutions are applicable in the interior and outdoors.


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