З якого б ви приводу не хотіли зробити ремонт лайтбокса, до завдання можна підійти нетривіально і отримати відмінний результат. Агентство зовнішньої реклами «Еліт» може зробити недорогий ремонт лайтбоксу.

Lightbox repair in Kiev (Ukraine) as a reason to make outdoor advertising better

Lightbox repair – you can save on cool advertising

For whatever reason you would like to repair the lightbox, you can approach the task in a non-trivial way and get an excellent result. The outdoor advertising agency “Elite” can make an inexpensive repair of a display or a lightbox, while making original changes. That is, it is not at all necessary to preserve a design that has morally outlived itself. Based on your design with minor alterations, our team can create an original mini sign that will attract passers-by.

How to repair a lightbox

A typical lightbox repair will consist of replacing the damaged plastic, replacing the image, and repairing the lighting and bracket. But such manipulations will be carried out with your design, if you go the standard way, but we offer a non-standard one. What does it consist of.

Can change design

On the basis of a luminous lightbox of any shape, you can make a lightbox in the light. What does this mean that on the front side of the structure there is an opaque plastic and a cut-out image. It is pasted over in the desired color, as a result, the sign will work in the light. Usually in such versions, the end is left luminous.

Pay attention to the butt

You can approach the issue in another way. For example, your lightbox should convey important information to visitors. It can be placed on the end, which will also work in the light. It can be a phrase, a pointer, or hours of operation.

Would you like to change shape?

Any lightbox repair involves dismantling and complete disassembly of the sign. Accordingly, we can change the shape of the structure, especially when the plastic is damaged. Try a triangular or hexagonal lightbox, these options are attractive because of their originality.

Add a pointer

If there is a lightbox, then additional advertising elements can be attached to it. For example, a sign that will more accurately show where you can enter your store or cafe.

Try to treat the task of making outdoor advertising outside the box. A complete lightbox repair allows you to use ready-made construction parts, replacing old elements with new ones. In fact, lightbox repair is the manufacture of a new sign with the opportunity to save money. But this is not a reason to limit your imagination and creative thinking.

Your outdoor advertising agency “Elite”.

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