Metal signs

Originality against logic: metal signs

In the topic of materials for signs, we revealed the features of the choice of raw materials for the manufacture of outdoor advertising. Metal remains one of the current forms of choice, but color-coated aluminum sheets are usually preferred. Along with this offer, metal signs are represented by steel samples with forging, engraving and milling.

Ретро вывеска из металла
Retro metal signboard

For these purposes, ordinary construction or stainless steel is used. Aging metal, rust can be considered by some designers as an element of outdoor advertising design. At the same time, special types of paints are often used: metallized, black for products made by the cold forging method, hammer paints of different colors, varnishes.

Metal signboards are highly durable and durable. After minor repairs, they are installed in the place of attachment and serve indefinitely.


The most popular type of metal sign are plaques. On a sheet of metal, one way or another, an image is applied or a name is cut out. The sign is usually installed at some distance from the wall to avoid moisture accumulation. This mounting feature makes it easy to install backlighting. Metal signs are appropriate in interior and outdoor advertising and always look original, fresh and modern.

Cold Forged Metal Brackets for Hanging Signage

We are talking about a variety of forged signage that preceded the appearance of side-mounted lightboxes. The advertising structure was made of metal, wood or other material and was attached with a metal bracket decorated with curls.

Such signs are recommended for installation by many design codes of cities in the historical part of settlements.

Металлическая вывеска
Metal sign for an architectural bureau

Metal sculptures

The landscape sculpture can be volumetric letters made of sheet metal or real sculptural items made of metal. Such outdoor advertising is rarely ordered, but it is distinguished by its original appearance and durability.

Wrought iron signboards

Shaped metal signs made of forged elements are usually made in the window openings above the entrance of restaurants, cafes or shops. Such an advertising structure is often highlighted with neon, does not take up much space, and is always coordinated by the city’s architecture service. Due to its non-standard appearance, it attracts the attention of passers-by and visitors.

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