Інтер'єрна реклама нового покоління: MicroLED Samsung

MicroLED digital indoor advertising

New generation interior advertising: MicroLED Samsung

Digital signage is slowly and steadily entering the market, but is still marginally chosen by consumers due to the high price. But if you’re looking for next-generation indoor advertising, Samsung’s 110″ MicroLED panel is just what you need to capture the attention of potential customers.

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About 10 years ago, frameless LED panels were proposed that could be combined into a digital panel of any size. Modular assembly was supposed to ensure the success of the technology, but it was not accepted by the masses. Probably, it’s the high price and lack of supply. Outdoor advertising agencies have not mastered this direction, leaving such a significant development in the field of facade and interior advertising without attention.

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Meanwhile, interactive signs began to appear in the West, and mega-sized ones. This became a landmark event, but again, not universal. In Ukraine, such examples did not appear, which rather modestly characterizes our country in its commitment to technology.

MicroLED Samsung for interior advertising

Now interior advertising in terms of home equipment, first of all, is again being stormed by Samsung. Perhaps modern experience can make a greater contribution to the development of technology. The new product does not require a complex connection, but is already a ready-made interior advertising module. And, of course, it looks very good on the wall, both for a home theater and for an interior advertising module.

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A few words about the characteristics of MicroLED Samsung

As usual, Samsung’s MicroLED is stunningly realistic color brilliance realized with self-emitting diodes. It is a continuation of the very technology «Walls» – a system of customizable modules for mounting digital walls. But, in this case, you do not need to configure anything. MicroLED Samsung is implemented in the form factor of a regular TV, based on its unique video, audio and intelligent functions.

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The reason for the release of the extra-large screen “out of the box” was the growth in demand in the market. The same product is also offered on the commercial market for interior advertising in shopping centers and shops. It can be installed in a cafe or in a museum. There are many variations, and success with spectators and passers-by will be guaranteed.


Guaranteed 4K picture quality and 8 million pixels. The Micro AI processor delivers stunning 4K HDR content that delivers true-to-life image quality moderated for every scene. The LEDs used are as durable as possible, the picture quality will not fall during the entire useful life.

Samsung is practically the first company to make a solid screen of this size, incorporating innovative technologies into the manufacturing process. In the future, smaller TV panels will appear on the shelves of electronics stores so that many users can already enjoy the quality of MicroLED.

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Please note that the screen has an immersive design, that is, it does not have a frame. Up to 4 signal sources can be broadcast simultaneously on the panel. On top of that, the intelligent features provide amazingly realistic sound.

MicroLED is an effective way of interior advertising to attract visitors and buyers.

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