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Modern cinema signs with motion effect

Cinema signs – how to refuse interactive without losing viewers

Interactive signs are still an expensive dream, so business owners and outdoor advertising developers have to be content with affordable means of production. The question is how to make outdoor advertising with motion effect without interactive elements? It turned out to be quite simple, and many cinema signs are made this way to depict interactive. It is necessary to use elongated structures. It is difficult to explain this on the fingers, but the idea becomes clear immediately when viewing photo examples.

The manufacturing technology of such advertising structures is somewhat similar to the production of three-dimensional letters, with one exception. Such signs, as a rule, are made without illumination and do not have front and back panels. In addition, the design that visually gives volume and the effect of movement is quite large. It can be about a meter in size, several meters or even several tens of meters, as in one of our photo examples.

Meteor Cinema in Guangzhou

When is this sign suitable for you?

If you are the owner of a cinema and do not want to install a digital sign, the interactivity effect can be created in the suggested way. Such signs can be made of metal and plastic. Plastic monochrome signs with a movement effect are suitable for an art gallery, when, for example, the structure needs to be placed in the vault of a classic arch. Of course, this is how you can decorate the entrance to the salon-shop located in the old gallery. Another option for using the idea is signs in the interior. The effect is created that it seems to be there and not at the same time, since the structure is visible only at a certain angle.

It can be said that such signs of cinemas are non-standard, they continue the idea of ​​outdoor advertising, which forms an informative shadow. This technique is especially often used in signs when it is required to “spoil” the interior with advertising structures minimally.

Other movie theater signs

We invite you to immediately choose cinema signs or prototypes, which are also presented in our gallery. These are the top options that will bring success. Another concept for creating a memorable cinema sign is related to architectural signage, i.e. outdoor advertising that is created as part of the architecture of the building. It’s really beautiful and impressive.

Outdoor and interior advertising of modern cinemas

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