Освещение парка на Рождество в Пенсильвании 2022

Multicolored New Year’s garlands in the design of the streets 2022

New Year’s garlands of different colors for Christmas mood

It is customary to welcome the New Year and Christmas with a New Year’s decor generously decorated with LED lights. But, as a rule, preference is given to white light. However, such Christmas lighting is significantly inferior to the multi-colored decoration of the landscape. This type of festive decoration is especially common in the USA. Literally in every state you can find its lavishly decorated, glowing gardens. The tradition originates from the nature of Christmas Village lights, i.e. shopping rows, which are commonly called the Christmas village.

Разноцветные новогодние гирлянды в Портланде Орегон
Colorful Christmas garlands in Portland, Oregon

Multicolored New Year’s garlands are often used to illuminate festive facade advertising. Here, as they say, monotonous mood is not in fashion. vit emphasizes the form, therefore multi-color becomes part of the New Year’s installation. The purpose of our publication is to interest you in the New Year decoration of your shops, cafes, offices and the surrounding area. These works can be successfully performed by our external advertising agency “Elit”.

Wonderful variety of colors

Using multi-colored New Year’s garlands is generally not difficult. It is enough to decorate trees and bushes with garlands of different colors, while not missing any planting. Vivid impressions after that are guaranteed for you and the visitors of this place. It always looks great.

Новогодние гирлянды в Канзасе
Christmas garlands in Kansas

As a rule, New Year’s garlands are used for this purpose once. In some cases, surviving devices are sent for secondary use, but more often for recycling and recycling. Therefore, it makes no sense to care about the unconditional reliability of such garlands. On average, they should provide coverage for 2-3 months. Given these features, installation and installation of New Year’s lighting is extremely simple. The main thing is to connect the lighting devices to the current source. Moreover, electricity can be obtained from the sun with the help of mobile batteries.

Рождественские гирлянды в Гринсборо 2022
Christmas Garlands in Greensboro 2022

The more flowers, the better

You can limit yourself to 2-3 colors of New Year’s garlands, but if there are more of them, the festive effect will be impressive. The human brain is so arranged that lights are perceived as synonymous with pleasure and happiness. Therefore, the more colors you use in landscape design, the better.

Разноцветные гирлянды в Массачусеттсе
Multicolored garlands in Massachusetts

The same recommendations apply to the decoration of the Christmas Village, such Christmas objects invariably attract visitors.

Светящаяся рождественская деревня
Christmas village that glows
Праздничные огни в Пенсильвании
Holiday lights in Pennsylvania
Праздничная подсветка парков
Holiday lighting of parks
Разноцветная подсветка парков
Multicolored illumination of parks
Разноцветное освещение в Мичигане в 2022 году
Colorful lighting in Michigan in 2022

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