Неонові написи на стіні - MDO Centre

Neon graffiti on the wall – how to make simple elegant

Neon inscriptions on the wall – can they be self-sufficient advertising?

Today we will talk about the MDO building in Miami, which is located on the southwest side of 84th street, near the Tamiami Trial. Why did we decide to talk about this project, because the primary building resembles a domestic boiler room, which is originally decorated. And it’s not just that there are neon graffiti on the wall, but the sign itself is quite simple, but stylish. This project received the 2012 Architectural Excellence Award from the American Institute of Architects.

Building with rainbow neon graffiti on the wall

Externally, the MDO building looks more like a medical center or hospital. The facade is completely white and small neon inscriptions in lightbox format. There are a couple more interesting things. In fact, we are talking about a shopping center, the context of which is determined by the many office buildings surrounding it. Note that 84 Street is known for being close to extensive surface parking lots. This area is characterized by piling up and absurdity, since it is very similar to our domestic industrial areas.

The designers called this architectural mauvais ton a cacophony of buildings that are typical of Miami’s suburban landscape. Everything is rather soft in approach, the implementation of the project is inexpensive, but this center seems to catch your eye from afar. This project is interesting for its accessibility, as well as efficiency, especially in the context of investments. That not always effective outdoor advertising will be very expensive.

Why is MDO so brilliantly different and what is the award for?

The MDO building has changed the urban design of the area by pushing the building against the street and placing parking along the back of the house. It contrasts sharply with neighboring buildings, developing, so to speak, a language of abstraction and restraint. That only there is a neon inscription on the flickering logo.
There are several important architectural elements, such as a recessed entrance with a showcase, white walls inside and out, and rows of 5,000 men’s suits contrast against the white interior.

Of course, the two-volume retail space is the centerpiece of the building. The product is placed on the ledges of the walls, the ceiling is prefabricated and urbanized. Due to the solution, there is a feeling of an increased amount of space. This is a completely unexpected spatial sensation, while the visitor is always in a zone of natural light. But there are areas where the interiors are artificially lit with prefabricated fixtures that make the mall look like its neighbors. Neon inscriptions in this project undoubtedly set a new trend in outdoor advertising in architecture.

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