New – corner signs

Corner signs – if you want to stand out

People walking the streets who want to attract famous little-known brands are attracted by original solutions. While Coca-Cola and Reebok only need to hang a sign that will act as a signpost, then little-known firms need to think about the original presentation of their name and logo.

One of the hottest ideas in outdoor advertising is a corner sign

Corner sign is a variant of outdoor advertising in which the corner at which it is placed becomes part of the advertising design. This approach is applicable everywhere, but it looks especially good in interior signs, when you can make a route indicator to your company literally at every or any corner.

Corner vertical signage

If you make a vertical signboard in the same way, which are very popular in the West, then it will be clearly visible from at least two streets. Or draw attention from the view of the entire intersection.

Contact our design bureau to develop an original corner sign for your company, salon, restaurant or store.


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