Новорічне оформлення вітрин у прикладах та фото

New Year’s window dressing in photos

New Year’s window dressing in examples and photos

The outdoor advertising agency, in addition to other services, offers New Year’s window dressing, which we are trying to implement outside the box and taking into account the customer’s budget. Of course, foreign experience helps in this. We bring to your attention a small selection of photos of the New Year’s decoration of stores.

Please note that Western stores pay special attention to the festive decoration of the entrance. This is done in order to create a Christmas decoration for visitors and passers-by and, thus, invite them to visit. It is during the New Year holidays that a huge amount of personal money is spent abroad on gifts and other purchases.

Tools to attract buyers during the Christmas holidays

What are the requirements for shops when ordering outdoor advertising for the Christmas holidays? This is, of course, attractiveness and compliance with the budget. It must be said that in Ukraine, due to the lack of extra funds from the population, not many gifts are bought at Christmas, and the main sales go through the Internet. But when stimulating sales and evaluating effectiveness, everything will depend on the approach.

It is easier for foreign stores in this respect, they are usually located on the central or special shopping streets and follow the traditions of design, distinguishing themselves from the background. Any Ukrainian store needs to create not only a sales concept, but also think over the motivation to attract a customer. And in this, everything remains, in the end, sales, and not the presentation of the store to onlookers.

We try to explain these points to our customer, if he expects a little more than a beautiful design of the entrance and shop windows during the New Year holidays.

Development of the concept of sales during the New Year holidays

Given that you have to work with a potential buyer who is not ready to spend money, you need to count on spontaneous purchases. Accordingly, visitors are better at spending small amounts of money and making less large purchases. However, they should offer an alternative. The showcase should be as symbolic as possible and at the same time informative.

For example, how to attract visitors to a cafe:

  • Offer complimentary dinners for couples and families at a fixed price. At the same time, focus on the atmosphere of the dinner, on the dishes and the yet unknown gift. Young couples will be interested in a gift for a child or in sweets: in the form of a New Year’s bento cake, chocolate soldiers, sparklers and the like. To this, you can offer to make a larger purchase or purchase a coupon for a similar dinner on February 14 or March 8;
  • a beautifully designed showcase attracts with its festivity. If you offer premium coffee varieties, then it is worth making gifts based on it, and putting them in a display case with price tags. The pre-holiday turmoil is good because people in a hurry make more expensive gifts and purchases than they expected, providing themselves with a good mood.

Based on the concept, New Year’s window dressing is being done. Of course, festivity is a priority. For these purposes, you can use various garlands, make installations of luminous shapes, curtains and figures, complementing them with some kind of decor. The showcase will be a carrier of information that can be placed on the glass and laid out or installed on the windowsill.

What window dressing is often used for the new year

The most commonly used Christmas garlands with unbreakable Christmas balls. The fact is that even existing decorations need to be professionally installed and attached. It will be better done by an outdoor advertising installation team. The same applies to the dismantling of jewelry with subsequent careful storage.

You can add neon advertising to this design. It can be luminous Christmas trees, names, inscriptions and other decor that creates a New Year’s mood. In our experience, the most popular are luminous figures. For example, snowmen playing guitars, deer and the like. An example of a colorful New Year’s decoration using landscape figures can be seen near the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow.

In addition to neon, various garlands are used. The most popular and interesting type of decoration are luminous canopies, which are made from LED garlands in the form of curtains. They attract visitors from afar against the backdrop of dark facades.

This is complemented by various decor. Branches painted with metallic paints, Christmas decorations, foil garlands and the like are used.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the photo of the New Year window dressing of foreign stores, which can be taken as a basis for attracting visitors during the Christmas holidays.



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