Non-standard signs with a shadow

Very unusual signs with a shadow

If you are interested in non-standard signs, take a closer look at outdoor advertising with a shadow. This design will be an interesting option for buildings on the facades of which the owners do not allow the installation of modern advertising structures. The proposed version of the sign must be agreed upon. It has almost no drawbacks, since in the daytime the shade is provided by the sun, and at night it is backlit. The appearance of the product is very original.

Non-standard approach to outdoor advertising

Signboards with a shadow are almost never found in Ukraine. Meanwhile, this interesting approach allows you to make signs that are correct for the architecture of the facade. In practice, they do not create a load on the decorative component of the facade and are suitable for those companies that have difficulty in coordinating any outdoor advertising with the owner of the building.

A feature of the sign with a shadow is its flat format and “invisible” installation. Typically, such a sign is a flat structure made of a durable metal rod or reinforcement, which is attached at the top to the wall of the building at a right angle. In this case, when light hits it, the sign gives an informative shadow on the facade of the building.

Pointers with shadow

A similar principle can be used for signs in the premises of shopping centers and office buildings. Their advantage is inconspicuous installation. Such signs are especially useful in corridors where there is no natural light by default. In the rays of the sun, if you take into account the hit of light on the facade, the shadow will also be cast on the facade.

What is required to install such a non-standard sign

If you decide to buy a sign with a shadow, then consider:

  • you will need permission from the building owner;
  • need registration in the department of architecture;
  • lighting will require several point light sources, but you do not need to backlight the sign;
  • the cost of such a sign will be low due to the limited scope of work;
  • the upward price may be affected by the installation and installation of a sign if it is located at a height above the first floor.

Non-standard signs are good because they are very well remembered by passers-by. Based on our experience, our experts still recommend combining such outdoor advertising with more familiar approaches. This will help passers-by remember your brand better.

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