Original signs

Original signs in outdoor advertising

We choose original signs from photo examples

Today in our publication we will talk about what original signs are and why it is important to be creative in the issue of advertising. Originality, of course, is the engine of not only progress, but also the attention of others. Only non-standard urban elements and structures can become memorable. Moreover, they should not be extra-complex, but they should attract the attention of passers-by. When making signage using non-standard ideas, keep in mind that art performances can be distracting for passing drivers.

Prototyping of signs

If you want to make an original sign, but don’t want to allocate a large budget for outdoor advertising, use a ready-made prototype. What it is? This is an example of outdoor advertising and making your own version based on it. It is simple, effective and visual for the customer and contractor.

What techniques are used to make original signs:

  • thoughtfully chosen instead of installing a sign, regardless of whether it is a landscape sculpture or a small sign on the facade;
  • lighting is very important, and sometimes inexpensive, but interesting details will simply lure visitors. Light up the right box of the entrance to the cafe or an interesting backlight, highlight the details in the light. This is always perceived by passers-by with interest;
  • the motion effect is interesting, but difficult to implement. In addition to digital signage, which can be installed in shopping centers, you can make signs with an imitation of the effect of movement or with dynamic backlighting;
  • non-standard designs: for example, your logo has the letter “A”, try to take it out of the boundaries of the main design. This may be the name “Primer” with a drop-down letter or letters with an inclination or on an inclined surface.

Do not forget that corner and vertical signs look very interesting.

Originality is not always a bright sign

In some cases, it is quite difficult to fit advertising structures into the architectural ensemble, as the architectural design will be violated, and the sign will look clumsy. But when necessary, you can get by with a neutral monochrome sign or a small sign by installing an advertising stele by the road.

Use our photo examples to decide on a prototype. Our outdoor advertising agency can realize any idea, regardless of the level of complexity. Contact us, we will help you create a creative sign for your business.

Your outdoor advertising agency “Elite”.

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