Контражурная подсветка деревянной буквы

Our price of backlit signs

How is the price of backlit signs formed?

Outdoor advertising in Kyiv is offered by many companies, and it would be incorrect to say that only our agency is able to fulfill complex and creative orders. But our agency occupies a certain position among the leading advertising companies with experience in serving network customers, as well as satisfying requests for various types of promotions with the help of visual designs. Many of our customers have to explain how the the price of backlit signs is formed, and why there is no fixed price, in addition to a limited set of offers for standard light boxes and neon signs.

First of all, you need to decide on the type of backlight

When it comes to a backlit sign, most likely, the customer means the presence of light sources installed inside the light box or three-dimensional letters. However, this is one of the options. We offer different types of sign lighting:

  • by type of light boxes and light boxes;
  • using neon (LED or original neon tube);
  • backlighting of sign design elements;
  • spotlight illumination.

Despite the fact that the price of light boxes is one of the highest of those listed, this type of advertising structure is one of the most popular. But, thanks to interesting ideas in the design of signs, we can only highlight some of the “cut-out” details in facade panels or other finishing structures. Or suggest other profitable options.

Material selection

There is a wide range of plastics on the market, and each option is suitable for a particular sign. For example, a sign based on a PVC box with a thickness of 2-3 mm and 3-4 mm will differ in cost. The price is also affected by the type of plastic, which also determines the time of useful operation. Our agency can offer a sign for cheaper, more expensive and the optimal configuration of outdoor advertising for your facility.

Installation and installation

The price for backlit signs is formed taking into account the cost of installation. If installation is required on the ground floor, the team will cope with the available equipment. If the installation is carried out on 2 or higher floors, then special equipment is required, the cost of which will be taken into account. In addition, the price is affected by the complexity of the connection, sometimes there are problems with the owner of the premises. But our agency has experience in resolving any conflicts, thanks to its experience and professional approach to the production and installation of outdoor advertising in Kyiv.

Your outdoor advertising agency “Elite”, Kyiv.

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