Outdoor advertising and signage London

Outdoor Advertising, Expression and Signage in London

London is generally considered a creative space. It would seem that this should also apply to signage. However, on the cozy streets of the capital of Great Britain, you can find typical, for example, outdoor advertising only on a few streets. In the rest of the city, London is conservative. You can see similar to the Parisian cornices, visors and windows and the simplest signs without illumination. However, there are also exceptions.

Средства наружной рекламы в Лондоне
Outdoor advertising in London

Our managers borrowed cube-shaped pointers and lightboxes from Londoners to practice the company. Such outdoor advertising means are non-standard and actively attract the attention of passers-by on the street.

Red dominates

London has a lot of bright elements on the street. First of all, these are the usual telephone booths and buses. Many shops are decorated in the same color. If the facades are preserved, then the visors are necessarily made red. It is by the visors that the British are looking for a cafe, office or boutique of interest. In the capital of Great Britain, it is customary to rely not on a sign, but on the quality of products. But the sign will be a good way to promote.

History of outdoor advertising London

In addition to the standard signs on the main streets, you can see giant glowing billboards. This is a matter of special pride for the British. But, if you look at the old photos, you can see bright outdoor advertising there. These are letters decorated with neon on the facades, and beautiful hotel signs and other outdoor advertising means. We have compiled a selection of photographs of London streets so you can compare for yourself how the signs have changed recently. Apparently, the city’s design code is to blame.


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