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Outdoor advertising – examples in the world

Fashionable outdoor advertising – examples in different cities around the world

A classic sign can look completely different in different countries around the world. It depends on many factors, including the design code of the city, the tradition of architecture, the prevailing fashion for such designs. For example, French outdoor advertising – examples of which are in our photo album – is simple and elegant. In Paris, you can often find the cheapest signs by our standards. These are banners, awnings (visors for shop windows) and stickers on windows. And it looks clearly intriguing and interesting.

No need to copy, but you can gain experience

In some cases, our customers will find outdoor advertising in Paris too simple, while admiring the coziness of small shopping streets. Many would like to advertise themselves with the help of mega-signs, but it is hindered not only by the financial factor, but also by the unavailability of services in the Ukrainian market.

From the agency of outdoor advertising we can say, but not all designs have willing and specific customers, so our offer is designed for outdoor advertising, popular in our country.

While visors in boutiques and huge digital signs in large shopping malls are considered fashionable in Paris, in London there are many city lights, lightboxes and light boxes. But with a very nice design, the design of these products is very simple. Outdoor advertising – examples of which in different cities can be seen below – differs in style and execution. There are also classic signs, but they are mostly determined by the taste of store owners in a particular country.

For example, our customers are looking to order three-dimensional letters for the roof structure. In China, a stele in the center of the city will be considered a mega-sign, and in the United States – a huge digital shield in Time Square.

Each prototype can be the basis of an effective sign

In this case, each prototype of outdoor advertising – an example of which is shown in our photos – can be taken as the basis of advertising design. It can not only be adapted to current tasks, but also combined with another option. For example, visors on windows are popular at restaurants located in the historical part of Kiev. Banner banners are universal inexpensive signs for shops, car dealerships and beauty salons, which help to hide the shortcomings of the facade and shop windows. Even huge architectural signs can be realized on a small scale, using the available facade panels for decoration.

Our outdoor advertising agency has extensive experience in working on prototypes and implements any of your ideas. We are always near you!

Your outdoor advertising agency “Elite”.

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