Outdoor advertising of shops in New York

Outdoor advertising of shops and boutique signage in New York

Unlike Paris, New York is not afraid of experimentation. Here you can find both the newest signboards, which have no analogues, and gigantic structures. We have already talked about the 3D signs of Coca-Cola, today we will take a virtual walk along Broadway and Time Square. Any outdoor advertising of shops is an example to follow, how to literally grab the attention of a potential customer passing by.

Наружная реклама магазинов на Тайм-Сквер в Нью-Йорке
Outdoor advertising for shops in Time Square in New York

Of course, the atmosphere and signs of New York are radically different from any European city. Giant lightboxes, interactive signboards of various formats and, of course, volumetric letters that adorn the facades. Despite the fact that everything looks very bright on the streets of New York, they blend harmoniously into this media space. Many of the signs, as we have already written, are cultural property and not only in the United States.

If you make an advertisement in Time Square, then a huge

Advertising in New York has three requirements to be noticed – bright colors, large sizes, and backlighting. Based on this, you can choose the appropriate option. When the Russian money transfer system “Monetochka” appeared in Time Square, it became a whole event covered by the media. Indeed, placing an advertising structure in the center of New York is not only a very expensive pleasure, but also a step into the world of a large advertising business.

Advertising methods and techniques that can be seen in the United States are applicable in Kiev. But … there are limitations. The limitation is, first of all, the cost. Therefore, our outdoor advertising agency always offers an optimal engineering structure, which:

  • will have an optimal cost;
  • effectively attracts customers;
  • impresses with its memorable form and construction, harmoniously integrated into the surrounding urban space.

Mega-constructions in Kiev – what kind of outdoor advertising for a store and brand is needed

The USA is a great example of the use of advertising by global companies to promote brands. We are not talking about a specific backlit sign for a small store, but about becoming a well-known and recognizable company in the country and even the world. It is from this point of view that our clients have an excellent reason to use ready-made promotion methods, choosing a suitable design in New York or Las Vegas and installing a similar outdoor advertising for a store in Kiev.

Our agency can implement the most complex projects, including the installation of indoor and outdoor signs during the construction phase of shopping centers.


Good luck with the promotion,

your outdoor advertising agency “Elite”.

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