Meteor Cinema - Зовнішня та інтер'єрна реклама

Outdoor and indoor advertising – a cinema in Guangzhou

Outdoor and indoor advertising of a cinema in Guangzhou

Today we want to tell you about an amazing cinema, whose outdoor and indoor advertising has already become iconic in the advertising market and is an example of design art. We are talking about the cinema “Jingyi” in the Chinese city of Gongzhou. It is a truly futuristic facility with many know-hows, ranging from interior designs to a special kind of chairs purchased in the amount of 1300 pieces. Interior design implements the idea of ​​a meteor shower, which inspired the owners.

This is an IMAX theater called “Meteor”, the owner company is known as “Jingyi Cinemas” Guangzhou Haizucheng IMAX, located in a shopping mall in Guangzhou city. The cinema was designed by One Plus Partnership, Ltd..

Meteor shower movement

The outdoor and indoor advertising of the cinema was supposed to convey the movement and impression of a meteor shower, which changes only in style, but can be traced in every hall. The owners wanted to emphasize and enhance the impression of passing time. Movies on the screens of cinemas are shown much less time than the time and effort spent on them. But the viewer has the opportunity to experience this flow of emotions as a meteor shower.

How interior designs were created

Depending on the idea, interior structures were also created at the stage of designing the lobbies and halls of the cinema. The sign of the cinema was also thought out. This is a very original outdoor and indoor advertising. Due to the increased volume, that is, the width of the sign, the impression of movement at high speed is created.

In the halls, on the walls, you can see plastic rectangular elements that imitate a meteor shower that illuminates the sky. In another room, the meteor shower is going in a different direction. In one of the halls, instead of armchairs, there are sofas for free seating of spectators, who say that it is in this cinema that one can enjoy new cinematic films due to the excellent interior.

Even while watching movies, many relax and enjoy the appearance of a meteor shower, so the Meteorite cinema remains in the unconscious for a long time and is associated with exceptional emotional sensations. This is a great example of effective outdoor and indoor advertising.

Meteor Cinema - Зовнішня та інтер'єрна реклама

Зовнішня та інтер'єрна реклама - Meteor Cinema - Метеоритний дощ у залах

Вестибюль Meteor Cinema

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