Outdoor and indoor advertising for shopping centers

Banners and mega-lightboxes and other outdoor and indoor advertising for shopping centers

Shopping centers are a place of intensive deployment of outdoor advertising. Almost all types of advertising structures can be installed inside shopping malls. It all depends on the size of the retail space to which you want to attract buyers. Interior advertising for shopping centers in our agency is represented by several types of products.

Мега-конструкции для торговых центров
Mega constructions for shopping centers

First of all, these are various interior signs designed for indoor installation. We also offer window dressing, vertical lightbox signage, pass-through signage, exhibition and trade stands and other products. The shopping center offers space dividers lightboxes. These are advertising tunnels, illuminated walls and columns. Advertising structures can be installed on a permanent place or as mobile elements.

Digital walls

One of the interesting positions among the whole variety of offered advertising structures deserves special attention modern know-how. These are digital signs and walls. They are made of LED modules and allow large planes to be designed in this way. Moreover, both static and dynamic advertising can be displayed on the wall.

Рекламный лайтбокс для торгового центра
Advertising lightbox for shopping mall

A digital wall can be interactive, that is, react to the actions or movements of passers-by. Such advertising structures attract visitors to the shopping center and contribute to an increase in revenue. In addition, the owners of the shopping center have the opportunity to sell advertising time and space inside the building. Digital signage is considered a good investment.

Цифровая стена
Digital wall with interactive image

Glowing columns and walls with advertisements

It is also a new offer for shopping centers, expanding the list of standard advertising designs. With their help, you can make an interior filled with bright colors and impressions for visitors. Lightboxes can contain pictures, advertising banners and educational information. They can be interspersed with digital signage with dynamic ads. So you can arrange children’s zones, diversify the design of numerous boutiques located in the center.

Mega Banners

Outdoor advertising agency “Elite” is engaged in the production and installation of large banners. The service is offered on an all-inclusive basis, you can order the design and selected advertising structures.

Баннеры для оформления торговых центров
Banners for shopping malls

Owners of shopping centers can get detailed advice on the possibilities of RA “Elite” in the production of outdoor and interior advertising for shopping centers.

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