Outstanding advertising signs in the world

Outstanding advertising signs and outdoor advertising projects of our time

Advertising signs in Kiev most often tend to small forms, the fashion for giant roof structures and banners has not acquired the status of a mass phenomenon in Ukraine. The same cannot be said for outdoor advertising projects around the world. In view of this, marketers of the outdoor advertising agency “Elite” have made a selection of the outstanding advertising signs of the XX century.

Легендарная рекламная вывеска Coca-Cola в Лондоне
Legendary Coca-Cola advertising sign in London

Citroen giant advertising sign

In 1925, the Citroën automobile company, the pride of the French car industry, to which automakers are grateful for the practice of metal bodywork on cars, installed its advertising sign on the Eiffel Tower. The sign was visible at a distance of 38 km. The illumination was implemented with 250 thousand lamps of 6 colors, which required 90 km of wire to connect. The height of the letter N was 20.8 m. The advertising sign stood in its place until 1936, for about 11 years.

The longest billboard of the South African Broadcasting Corporation

The South African Broadcasting Corporation decided to celebrate the launch of the new channel in May 1998 with the longest ever billboard. Its length was 880 feet or 268.25 meters. The image was painted on a train that ran between cities.

The largest billboard ever – FORD to advertise a brand in Spain

The dimensions of the billboard for the promotion of FORD cars in Spain were 145 * 24 m. It was installed in 1989 in the Plaza de Toros Monumental in the center of Barcelona. The advertising sign worked well for the investment and glorified the American manufacturer in the country.

Legendary neon signs

Advertising is not always an advertisement, sometimes it is just a sign that adorns a significant place. A neon sign in the shape of a huge M was installed on the bridge over the Mississippi River. Its length was 548.6 m in length. The sign was illuminated by 200 lamps.

The largest neon sign in history

The largest neon advertisement in history was installed in 1986 by the Marlboro Company in Hong Kong. The dimensions of the sign were 64 * 16.7 m, it was illuminated with 10668 meters of neon, and the weight was about 115 tons.

Giant dynamic neon advertising sign

The largest neon image with dynamically switched on light is considered to be “Clown Topsy”. The advertisement was installed near the Circus Circus Hotel in Nevada. The height of the clown reaches 38.7 m, only the smile is 4.26 m wide. 2.25 km of neon was used to make the sign.

Вывеска для отеля из неона "Клоуун Топси"
Sign for the hotel in neon “Clown Topsy”
Рекламный щит Кока-Кола на Тайм-Сквер днем
Coca-Cola billboard in Time Square by day

Outstanding roof structure

The giant “I” sign is located on the 730-story building of the First Interstate World Center in Los Angeles.

The largest outdoor advertising with backlighting

The billboard belongs to the Israeli company Abudi Science Industry. Its size is 60 * 20 m, and 62400 halogen lamps were used for illumination.

The largest lightbox in the world

This lightbox with interior lighting was installed in 1983 in the city of Creerote in Florida, USA. Outdoor advertising reaches 356.17 m in length and is owned by the Adco Sains company.

Largest interactive billboard

Such a shield appeared in 2003 in London. It was installed by the Coca-Cola Company, which has implemented interactive outdoor advertising functions. Passers-by could communicate with the shield and even receive SMS.

Interactive neon sign

A giant 30-meter neon sign has been installed at the corner of Piccadilly Circus in London. Previously, there was also an interactive neon sign with a greeting “Hello London”. The new sign changes its image depending on the weather conditions. A Coca-Cola advertisement on the corner of Piccadilly has been hanging since 1954 and is a London landmark.

Three-dimensional billboard in Time Square

Coca-Cola’s new ad stunt is set at New York’s Time Square. It is a unique 3d sign that has not only a changing digital image, but also a changing plane landscape. She immediately became one of the iconic landmarks of New York.

Рекламная вывеска Coca-Cola, NYC
Advertising sign for Coca-Cola, NYC

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