Pointers instead of signs and interior design

Designing shopping centers with signs: interior and exterior

Outdoor advertising can set or develop the concept of interior and exterior design of the building. Pointers an example is the signs that can be found at intersections, in the park area, in large shopping centers, public places and government agencies. Everywhere the function of such designs and products is the same – navigation and information. Advertising may also be included as part of the information. Since the pointer is, when certain requirements are met, a full-fledged advertisement.

Simulating interactive pointers

Probably, each of us has seen advertisements where signs on the streets and indoors are implemented using illuminated marks showing the direction based on data loaded into augmented reality. IT companies promised us to introduce this technology in 5-10 years. They passed, and the media space practically did not become more complicated. But the fashion for such pointers appeared.

How do they look? Simple enough. Such pointers are a construction with information, where there are distant and close objects. Moreover, the necessary room to which you approached, the entrance to the elevator will be marked with a shifted or painted in a different color element. Such navigation techniques are very popular on many sites, and they can be implemented in a real environment in the form of traditional pointers. And we recommend doing it in one design.


This interesting option often replaces signs. They, as a rule, have a vertical design, can be of any size – from large to miniature. Such outdoor advertising contains the main advertising block, indicating the direction or location marks and navigation elements in the form of company names and logos.

Such steles are applicable in parks, outdoor shopping centers, family building areas.

Outdoor advertising as part of building design

Signage, roof construction, interior design with signs can be developed at a very early stage. Then outdoor advertising can already be implemented as an architectural sign, that is, it will be part of the architecture of the building. Interior advertising becomes part of the design project. With its help, you can organize the backlight, place information, make color accents on the walls and ceiling. The most used type of advertising for these purposes are pointers.

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