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We introduce

New types of signage

New: from form to design

Non-standard approaches in advertising

The outdoor advertising agency offers signs in various formats and develops new forms. For example, landscape lawn light column, digital signage showcases. We guarantee high efficiency and hope for good feedback.

Shopping center offers

Turnkey solutions for shopping centers

For shopping centers, the outdoor advertising agency offers installation of walls with interior lighting and luminous columns for advertising messages. Advertising structures can be designed and installed during the construction phase.

Digitalization of outdoor advertising

Digital panels and walls

Modern advertising designs imply smart digitalization. The outdoor advertising agency is dedicated to introducing digital walls using frameless panels that get the best reviews.

We produce and sell

Exhibition equipment

Exhibitions and presentations


Advertising structures commonly used for exhibitions and presentations perfectly perform the tasks of promotional furniture in offices. Outdoor advertising agency «Elite» has extensive experience and can take on the creation of furniture for shops in SC.

From the reception area to front office decoration

Outdoor advertising in the interior

Exhibition equipment is increasingly used for offices, shops and retail space. Especially this approach of decorating the branded reception area, designs for promotional goods and halls is in demand among large companies.

Outdoor advertising structures

Promotional constructions for the street

The good thing about mobile advertising structures is that companies with facade placement may not pay for a permit for their installation. Takeout stands, banners and advertising modules can be used anywhere a promo is required.

We sell

Ready signs

We promote

Security screens with advertisements

Separation of public areas

Mobile walls

Mobile transparent walls can be used as protective, restrictive and advertising fences. They are convenient for placing various POS materials.

Customer service counters

Service screens

Acrylic screen protectors for personalized customer service are getting good reviews and are in demand in beauty salons, client areas of offices and small shops.

Transparent partitions for offices

Screens for work areas

Open workspaces can be separated by transparent advertising structures, which can be carriers of various service information.

In future

In perspective

Mobile application for clients

Android-signage management

Outdoor advertising agency clients will be able to manage signage using a mobile app. A dedicated software environment integrates with the video system and allows you to customize the lighting. We hope for good feedback.

Digital & Outdoor Advertising

Video walls of any format

The newest types of outdoor advertising include the installation of digital walls. They are made of frameless display panels attached to a frame. In the near future, the outdoor advertising agency will offer constructions of any size.

Work in the regions through representatives

Partner network in Ukraine

If you have good reviews in your city and want to work as part of a large outdoor advertising agency, we can take you into our ranks. Reputation, manufacturing capabilities and access to specialists will help improve the level of services offered.

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