Pharmacy signage

Traditional pharmacy signs have their own characteristics. The pharmacy is in demand for various signs made in the form of light boxes. To attract customers, pharmacies order external pillars and interwindow light boxes as outdoor advertising of their products. AA «Elite» offers ready-made signboards for pharmacies and original advertising structures «on order».

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  • Customized standard signage

    Facade citylight with end fastening

    Our agency, along with the usual outdoor advertising, offers an alternative. These products include a highly efficient front-mounted citylight.

  • Світлові короби
    Signs under the order

    Facade light boxes (backlit sign)

    The most affordable backlit sign is made using light box technology. With a professional design development, outwardly, it will not be inferior to curly elements.

  • Customized standard signage

    Interwindow lightboxes

    The offered interwindow lightboxes are usually included in the entrance group and form a single composition with the facade advertising structure. Allows to place information blocks.

  • Mobile advertising structures

    Pavement sign

    The portable pavement sign is very popular with salons, offices and cafes. At a low price, it shows high efficiency and literally «stops» passers-by who pay attention to the design.

  • Customized standard signage

    Rectangular lightbox

    A rectangular lightbox version of an illuminated end sign would work well for offices, restaurants, cafes, and service centers with a long but eye-catching name.

  • Customized standard signage

    Square lightbox

    Due to its simpler shape, the square lightbox has a lower cost than its round counterpart. At the same time, this type of outdoor advertising attracts the attention of passers-by well.