Facade citylight with end fastening

Our agency, along with the usual outdoor advertising, offers an alternative. These products include a highly efficient front-mounted citylight.

Citylight or lightbox? Choosing a sign according to budget and planning

Illuminated advertising structures are often manufactured using light box technology. They represent a frame with an opaque white plastic fixed in volume, which allows diffused light to pass through. Thanks to the illumination inside, the box looks attractive in the dark and is a full-fledged advertising medium. Development of design of signboards of any format allows you to give it individuality.
In Kiev, frontal citylights with end fastening can only be made to order. In the assortment of AA «Elite» these products are manufactured using a single technology. It differs from the usual double-sided citylight in size, attachment and installation method. In fact, it is a facade sign, and not a free-standing advertising structure, which simplifies its approval and registration in the architecture department.
Outdoor advertising agency «Elite» produces signs of various formats and form factors. You can contact us for a comprehensive development of the facade group of a store, cafe, restaurant, salon or office. It can be decorated with three-dimensional letters, light boxes, advertising posters in the windows or window dressing. Thanks to an integrated approach and thoughtful design, high efficiency of promotional support at points of sale is guaranteed.

How to order a facade citylight?

To order products of AA «Elite», you must fill out an application on the website or in person. Facade citylights with end fastening are manufactured by us in several versions. An outdoor advertising agency can make products with your layout or develop it additionally. Upon completion of the work, installation is carried out.